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kelly's first

kelly is paddled for 
stealing rum

Kelly gets her bottom smacked for the first time

Kelly was supposed to be sleeping and she sneaked downstairs for a drink. I caught her and I paddled her naughty bottom soundly

kelly's bedroom

kelly spanked in the 

Sometimes girls need something at bedtime and this time it was kelly who needed a bedtime caning. Nothing makes a girl better behaved in the morning then to send her to bed with a sore bottom

When we were driving Kelly was very cheeky in the car so I pulled the car over and took her into the woods for a good spanking

kelly is spanked for cheekiness
in the chat

kelly is caned for 
being late

Kelly was rather cheeky in the chat to a few members so I punished her for it with a good long bare bottom spanking over My knee

When girls are repeatedly late, sterner measures are called for. In Kelly's case it's the sting of My 3 foot rattan over her tight jeans

kelly is spanked for making 
fun of Yashaa

kelly gets spanked with 
a spatula

When Yashaa was being spanked, Kelly made fun of her. We can\t have that can we? so I gave her the same as Yashaa got: a good long OTK spanking

One of the members suggested that if Kelly was naughty again, I should use a spatula so I did. Long and hard!

kelly is spanked on
a sunday trip

kelly gets the

When Kelly and Yashaa and Myself went for a walk in the woods, the girls were VERY naughty so I spanked them both right there!

After that spanking it started to rain so I made them pick a switch and I took them home and switched Kely soundly

kelly gets the

kelly gets spanked for sticking
her tongue out

During a filming session Kelly made a comment about the members being too strict. Well I gave her strict!! A good dose of the hairbrush

Then to top it all of, she stuck out her tongue at the end of the last punishment so I gave her another bare bottom spanking for that

kelly gets again for
being cheeky

kelly gets a good

In this video Kelly gets paddled for being cheecky to me. Nothing like the sting of a leather paddle to make a girl behave

This video is the second punishment Kelly got for being rude to the members. The guys suggested I birch her soundly so I did

kelly doing

kelly is caned for giving
yashaa cigarettes

The members wanted to see Kelly doing cornertime so after a spanking I sent her to the corner and filmed it

Yashaa isn't allowed to smoke but when I caned her for having ciggarettes, I found out that Kelly gave them to her. I gave Kelly the same as I gave Yashaa

kelly gets spanked
in shorts

kelly gets the ping 
pong paddle

In our site the members can suggest anything and a few wanted to see Kelly spanked wearing a pair of tight shorts

Kelly left her mobile phone at her friend's house so she earned a spanking. The members suggested the ping pong paddle

kelly gets a bedroom

kelly and laura get paddled
for a practical joke

Kelly forgot to put the dishes in the dishwasher and when I wanted to talk to her about it, she was taking a nap! I dragged her out of bed and gave her a sound spanking

When we visited Christopher and Laura, the two girls put salt in My coffee!! Suffice to say I made their bottoms quite red and sore with My trusty paddle

kelly gets a BIRTHDAY

mommy and 

On My last birthday I gave Hester and Kelly both a birthday spanking

This video is the first of the real life videos on rls that do not feature any of us. In this video we see a real life Mother and daughter re-enact the spankings Natasha got when she was a young girl

birthday3.jpg (111285 bytes)

kelly and hester feel our new
shadowlane hairbrush


One of the members Papa G was so kind as to send us a beautifull Shadowlane hairbrush. It was time to demonstrate
it's use and when the four of us visited Melvin, we decided
to spank Kelly and Hester together with the new hairbrush



kelly and yashaa get
the slipper

kelly and yashaa get the 
carpet beater

Kelly and Yashaa were both 30 minutes late so I slippered them soundly!

This is the second punishment for showing up late. A good thrashing with the carpet beater

yashaa gets the
junior cane

kelly and yashaa get the 
fly swatter

This is the first time Yashaa felt the junior cane. She refused to bend over so I caned her

The girls didn't clean up the kitchen so an appropriate implement was used on their bottoms. The Fly swatter

kelly and yashaa get spanked for
cheekiness during filming

kelly gets the carpetbeater
for teasing

During a filming the girls were just plain impossible so I took out My carpet beater and thrashed their cheeky bums till they were crimson

These two little madams love to tease and they allways end up with sore little bottoms

kelly spanks 

kelly and yashaa are punished for
using our creditcard

Sometimes Kelly likes to spank and in this video Kelly spanks Yashaa soundly for borrowing some of her clothes without her permission. I gave them both the belt in part 2 because I did not give permission for her to spank Yashaa

Yashaa came to stay with us for the night and Kelly and Yashaa decided to go out shopping and use our creditcard without permission.We can't have that now can we?.When they came back, they both got a good hand spanking over their jeans
and a good paddling on the bare bottom!



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