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kiara is interviewed and gets her first

kiara gets a sound paddling for showing
up in a very short mini skirt

We are proud to introduce the lovely 22 year old Kiara to you. Kiara lives in Holland and she is single She is one of those very rare girls who absolutelly loves a good spanking during which she will orgasm quite a few times. No faking! Quite rare and amazing to witness. Halfway through her first spanking we had to stop because after a few intense orgasms she needed a break :)

I told Kiara to come over to discuss her behaviour but when I saw her through the window walking up to the house, i saw she was wearing a ridiculous short mini skirt. I dashed out and dragged her back inside by her ear. I then bent her over the dining room table and gave her a sound leather paddling during which she orgasmed i don't know how many times. Then I put the moaning horny little madam in the corner which turned
her on as well :)



kiara asks for a good spanking

kiara gets a sound strapping for
being cheeky on msn

Spanking is not all about punishments.Those of you who attend spanking parties will know what I mean. Those spankings are enjoyable for both the spanker and spankee. Kiara popped in without warning and she asked me if I would please give her a sound spanking because she was horny as hell.  I put her across my knee and gave her a long slow hard spanking which she enjoyed tremendously!. She orgasmed quite a few times and halfway she called for a break because she was worn out from the orgasms.

When our little madams sit behind their computers safe and sound in the comfort of their own bedrooms, they think they can be cheeky to us. What they don't realise is that the time always comes shortly after where they have to come and see us and then their cheek is rewarded with a very sore
Such is the case with Kiara this time. She was put over the sofa arm and her bottom got a sound strapping and I finished with her in the diaper position. Then she had to kneel on the stool against the wall. p.s. Of course the horny little miss orgasmed again quite a few times and we had to take a break halfway through the strapping :)

cleaning lessons part one

cleaning lessons part two

When I visited Julie and Kiara I noticed that both their appartments were a mess. Time for another painfull lesson.
 I decided to have them both come over and give them an afternoon of painfull cleaning lessons. I started by giving them both a sound OTK spanking and in part one Julie gets a sound spanking

In part two it's Kiara's turn to be soundly spanked and both girls have to kneel against the wall for a while

cleaning lessons part three

cleaning lessons part four

In part three the girls have to take off their pants, panties, shoes and socks and scrub the floor using two toothbrushes. They feel the sting of my wooden paddle a few times for not doing it properly. Then Kiara has to clean the microwave and Julie the oven but again they do a bad job so they are both bent over the kitchen counter and are spanked

In part four the girls get their final punishment. I made them lay over 2 chairs and I gave them 12 each with the leather paddle and 12 each with the birch I finished off with a hand spanking and they got dressed.


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