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kim's introduction video

kim's first time over the knee

Kim is a gorgeous 21 year old blonde from Holland who has never been spanked before but she is very lazy and our special painfull remedies applied to the seat of learning is just the thing this little minx needs :) We uploaded her introduction video and she received her first spanking.

Kim was taken over the knee and she got a good spanking on her tight jeans and those came down quickly as she kept putting her hand back to protect her bottom. Because she must learn to behave herself during a spanking, she had to spend a good half hour in the corner afterwards.

kim gets a sound otk paddling for
oversleeping and being late for work

KIm gets spanked and cornertime for not cleaning her car

It is allways important after the first spanking to see if it has any effect on the girl's behaviour so, the day after Kim's first spanking, I called her at 8.30 in the morning to see if she was up and getting ready for work. Suprise suprise! The little minx was still fast asleep! Well I ordered her to get her bottom here el pronto and when she got here, I had her lift up her skirt and pull down her panties while i scolded her. Then I put the lazy little minx over My knee and gave her allready bare bottom a good leather paddling. Afterwards I sent her straight to work where she sat on a sore bottom all day she later told me. Suffice to say she has been at work on time since then so the paddling worked!

When Kim came to us I greeted her at her car and I noticed that her car was a total disaster area! There were cans, junkfood wrappers and all sort of rubbish. I took her inside and put the little minx over My knee and spanked her jean clad bottom soundly! I told her to take down her jeans and I gave her a few more good smacks on her bare bottom. Afterwards she had to spend quite a bit of time in the corner her sore red bottom on display.


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