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kitty's interview

 kitty's first otk spanking

Kitty is an adorable but very naughty 21 year old who has been a member of our site for over a year now and she has dreamt about getting spanked for all that time. Finally she took the step and contacted us and now she gets regularly spanked if she misbehaves. Which she does a lot!

Kitty knew very well what would happen after the interview and she found herself across the knee feeling a hard hand spanking her bottom for the first time in het young life

kitty gets the first spanking for drinking
too much and driving

kitty gets the second spanking for drinking
too much and driving

When Kitty came to us she told us that she had a hangover. Apparently she had drank too much the night before AND the little minx drove home too. It was decided that she had deserved 2 spankings. The first spanking was for drinking too much and she was put over the knee and her bottom felt the leather paddle for the first time.

After she received a good long OTK spanking for drinking, she was put in the corner for half an hour. When she was told she could come out, she was bent over holding a chair and her bare bottom got a long hard spanking with our ping pong paddle for driving under the infuence.

kitty gets a sound hairbrush spanking and
cornertime for drinking in the middle
of the day

kitty gets our special stop 
smoking spanking

When Kitty showed up for her regular disciplinary discussion I smelled alcohol on her breath at 12.30 in the afternoon! After a scolding about drinking she was told to lay over the arm of the couch and her bottom felt the hairbrush good and proper. Afterwards she was put in the corner for almost an hour to contemplate the error of her ways.

Kitty told us that she smokes too much so we decided to help her with that. She will be allowed 3 cigarettes a day and she has to wear the nicotine patches we bought for her. To let her feel the mental link between smoking and a sore bottom, she was told to light a cigarette and she was put across the knee and she was spanked untill the cigarette was finished.

kitty gets spanked with her own hairbrush
for not wearing her nicotine patches

kitty gets a sound outdoor spanking in the woods for smoking in the car

As you might remember Kitty was supposed to wear her nicotine patches to help her stop smoking but the little minx decided they don't look *cool*. Well her bottom didn't look *cool* when I was finished with it. I gave her a good OTK spanking with her very own hairbrush and sent her home to put on the patches with a very sore little bottom!

When one is outside and a girl misbehaves, it is important to punish her asap.We were driving home and kitty decided to light up a sigarete in the car. I told her not to but I got a big mouth so I drove to our spot in the woods straight away, bent her over the car and gave her a quick spanking bent over the bonnet of the car.

kitty gets a sound spanking for not sending dave from the cherryredreport her answers back on time

kitty gets a good bare bottom belting for coming home intoxicated

As you know we are an interactive site and the girls are punished for real life things. Dave from the cherryredreport is going to post an interview with a few of our girls and he sent Kitty some questions to answer. The naughty minx did not reply and Dave waited weeks for the answers. I stepped in and I went over to Mark and Kitty's appartment and gave her a good OTK spanking per Dave's request while Mark gleefully watched.

In the last video you saw Kitty getting spanked for not sending Dave her answers on time and while she was standing with her hands on her head, bottom red and sore, Mark told me that the previous weekend the little madam had come home drunk! Well time for drastic measures so I ordered her to lay over the dining
room table and I gave her bare bottom a taste of my heavy leather belt while I scolded her on her behaviour.
Mark watched and whole heartedly agreed Afterwards she had to go on her knees in front of Mark and apologize for her behaviour.

kitty gets a sound paddling on the bed for sleeping instead of foing housework

kitty gets spanked again for not starting the housework as she was told

Mark called me and told me that Kitty likes to sleep in late even though there is lots of housework to do. I went over and Mark had told Kitty to stay in bed untill I came to deal with her. I went to her and told her to kneel on the bed, bottom up, and she got a good leather paddling first over her shorts, then panties, and then on her bare bottom. Then I told her to keep her bottom bare and get on with doing the housework
el pronto!
One would think that paddling was enough but a while later our naughty Kitty was across my knee squirming and pleading as her bare bottom felt my hard hand yet again! Stay tuned

When I entered their living room I found Kitty sitting on the couch, panties back on, resting instead of starting the housework. I grabbed her by the ear and put her across My knee for another painfull reminder that I will not tolerate such blatant disobedience! I gave her a good spanking across my knee and sent her straight into the kitchen to start dinner. Some girls just need more spankings then others.


kitty returns for discipline and
she gets a sound spanking

The girls know if they do something wrong in the kitchen, a kitchen appliance is used on their bottoms. In this case Mark told me that Kitty had not cooked dinner for him a few times
after work. The poor lad works 12 hours a day.
I dragged her by her ear into the kitchen, grabbed a wooden spatula, bared
her lazy little bottom, and gave her a good stingy spanking.
When Mark was satisfied that Kitty's bottom was sufficiently red and sore, she was put in the corner for a full hour.

We are quite delighted to hear from Kitty again. Her last spanking on RLS was 4 years ago and she had some difficult times but everything is fine now and she misses the discipline. So she is back under our proverbial wing. Of course I couldn't resist and I put her across my knee and gave her a spanking to get her back into the "swing of things" (pun intended:)

kitty gets soundly punished for locking
her keys in the house

kitty gets soundly spanked for being a day late

Well that didn't take long did it? Kitty did something very silly. She locked the front door and realised that her keys were still inside the house. She had to call a locksmith and 150 Euros later, she had her keys. I decided that she should be punished for that so I gave her a good taste of the paddle, a leather belt, the tawse and birch And then she was in the corner with a very sore little bottom.

 I emailed Kitty to come to us and the little madam got the dates wrong with the result that I waited for her in vain. She came the next day and I put her across my knee and gave her a
sound spanking followed by an hour in the corner on her knees.

donna and kitty get sound
reminder spankings part 1 and 2

donna and kitty get sound
otk strappings part 1 and 2

Donna is back in the Netherlands dear members and she confessed to me that she missed my strict discipline so I told her to come over so I could give her a sound spanking. It so happens that Kitty was in the neighbourhood as well and I felt she would benefit from a sound reminder spanking as well. Both girls got exactly that!

Both Kitty and Donna had to report to us again because Kitty had forgotten to pay her phonebill and Donna went out to a club and she behaved not as a young lady should. After a good scolding I put both girls across my knee and gave them a good
And of course a lenghty cornertime




kitty gets a maintenance spanking and a
sound strapping part 1 and 2

kitty gets the wooden spoon for texting
during angela's spanking

We thought it was high time for a road trip to Belgium. We decided to visit Kitty because it has been almost a year since she was last here and was spanked. We arrived at her new flat and I gave her a long overdue sore bottom
including cornertime.
We did notice that the flat was quite a mess and that is not very wise if you know your disciplinarian is coming for a visit. For that she received a sound strapping with a broad belt that I found lying around

When I was spanking Angela, I noticed that Kitty was texting away on her mobile. I told her to fetch a wooden spoon and to take down her jeans. I put her over my knee on the couch and spanked her soundly with the spoon and hand. Then I told her to get her nose back in the corner again





angela and kitty get soundly spanked
for being 30 min late part 1 and 2


I told Angela and Kitty to report to us in Holland as it is only a 45 min drive and guess what... They arrived 30 minutes late. They didn't take into account the heavy morning traffic which is no excuse in my book so I gave them both a good spanking over my knee.








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