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laura's introduction and
first spanking: 2 videos

laura gets severely spanked for
spending too much money

Laura introduces herself and she gets her first spanking across my knee

Laura had spent way too much money on clothes so she went
over the  knee and got a good bare bottom spanking

laura's gets paddled for spending
too much money: 2 videos

laura gets birched for not keeping
her house tidy: 2 videos

This is part two of her punishment for spending too much money. She got a good bare bottom paddling

When Christopher told us that Laura had not kept her house
 tidy, she was soundly birched

laura's gets caned for spending
too much money

laura gets a sound spanking with the
clothesbrush for stealing: 4 videos

When Laura spent too much money AGAIN!, we decided 
that a good caning will cure her. It did!

Laura had stolen a small item from the clothes store and 
she was punished SEVERELY for that. A good spanking, 
followed by the clothesbrush and then nose in the corner


laura's is spanked for
speeding: 3 videos

laura gets spanked for not having
dinner ready on time

Laura got a speeding ticket and was punished for that. 
She got a good bare bottom spanking, cornertime, and 
then 20 strokes with our wooden paddle: 1 for each 
kilometer she drove too fast

When Kelly and Mike visited Christopher and Laura for 
dinner, dinner wasn't ready in time so Laura got a good hard
spanking with a spatula in the kitchen


laura's gets soundly paddled
for a second speeding ticket

laura gets soundly caned for a
second speeding ticket: 2 videos

Laura had gotten a second speeding ticket and got a darn good paddling this time

After the paddling her bottom was caned soundly to make 
double sure she watches her speed


laura's gets soundly spanked for 
showing up late

laura gets the belt and cornertime
for lying

When girls are late they should be spanked and Laura is no different. She was 30 minutes late so she got a lenghty painfull spanking as soon as she walked through the door

In the last video she spanked for being late but she also lied about the reason she was late. For that she got a good belting followed by a lengty cornertime



laura's gets caned for throwing
a tantrum: 3 videos

laura gets spanked for forgetting
to pay a bill

Laura and Christopher had an argument and she threw
a tantrum. She thew things around the house so she
ended up with a well caned bottom

Laura can be quite forgetfull at times and this time she
forgot to pay a bill. She was  reminded to allways pay bills
on time by a good smack bottom!


 laura_bill_preview.jpg (69736 bytes)

laura's gets paddled for forgetting
to pay a bill: 2 videos

laura gets the wooden spoon for 
an untidy bathroom

After she was ordered to pay the bill, she was found playing
 a computergame so she was  bent over and her bottom 
was paddled SOUNDLY!

Upon inspection of Laura's bathroom, a few towels were|
laying on the floor. A wooden spoon was fetched and, bent
over the bath she got a good spanking

laura_paddled_bill2.jpg (179202 bytes)  laura_paddled26.jpg (103525 bytes)


laura's gets the ruler for
surfing spanking sites

laura gets a severe caning for
forgetting a bill

Surfing spanking sites when she was supposed to be
working, got Laura a good spanking OTK with a ruler

Some girls need a firm hand and Laura is no diiferent
She forgot to pay the bill again so she got a SEVERE caning
that made her eat dinner standing up for a few days

  laura3915.jpg (76752 bytes)

 cane_bill2.jpg (95108 bytes)

laura's gets punished
outdoors: 3 videos

laura's gets a hard spanking
for being difficult: 2 videos

When we were all taking a drive Laura refused to put on her seatbelt so the car was pulled over and she got spanked
soundly and got a good switching bent over the bonnet

The whole week Laura was quite difficult so she was
given a hard OTK spanking and cornertime

  laura_outdoors2.jpg (129269 bytes)  laura_outdoors6.jpg (174566 bytes)

 laura_difficult2.jpg (93379 bytes)  laura_difficult4.jpg (80314 bytes)

laura gets the tawse in an unusual
position for being difficult

laura's gets the gymshoe for not
cleaning her house

Spanking wasn't enough so she was put on a chair and
was tawsed soundly!

Once again Laura had neglected her house work so a few
members suggested the gymshoe. She was bent over
our trestle and got a good long spanking

laura_difficult6.jpg (99353 bytes)   

 LAURA_GYMSHOE2.jpg (106792 bytes)

laura gets the cane for putting
her hands in the way

laura's is spanked with a ruler
in our latest chatsession

During the gymshoe spanking Laura KEPT disobeying
and putting her hands on her bottom. Se was caned soundly
for that

We chat with our members regularly and if they feel the
girls need a punishment, we give it to them and film it
In this session Laura earned herself a spanking with a
wooden ruler

laura_gymshoe4.jpg (77274 bytes)   

 laura_chat2.jpg (114057 bytes)

laura gets soundly spanked for
breaking her diet

SPECIAL video 1

Laura had bought some candy without permission and
she was spanked HARD! otk for that

The members of rls share their favourite fantasies with
us and the schoolgirl theme is very popular. in this series
of videos Laura is punished in a schoolgirl outfit


 laura_schoolgirl2.jpg (133843 bytes)

SPECIAL video 2

SPECIAL video 3

Laura gets a sound spanking with the clothesbrush
in this video

No schoolgirl video is complete without a good caning. In this video Laura gets a good caning over her panties

laura_schoolgirl4.jpg (114816 bytes)   

 laura_schoolgirl6.jpg (133265 bytes)

SPECIAL video 4

laura: spanked belly dancer
part 1: the spanking

Her panties come down and her bare bottom is caned
soundly followed by kneeling penitance for 15 min

Click here te see a preview clip

In her spare time, as hobby, Laura is a belly dancer.She does a lot of gigs and is very good at it. Unfortunately a few days ago Laura was quite rude to one of the customers at a party
and Christopher told us about it.
We ordered her to bring her costume with her and report to us. She got a sound hand spanking and a good thrashing with the riding crop


laura spanked belly dancer
part 2: riding crop

laura gets soundly spanked for not
returning books part 1

This is the second half of the belly dancer punishment.
She gets a good thrashing with the riding crop
on her bare bottom

Laura had borrowed 5 books from us but when she was supposed to return them she only brought 3. Time for a serious stinging bottom and a special extra punishment. She was taken over the knee and got a good long hard spanking and afterwards she had to kneel on her knees facing the bookcase holding 2 heavy books at arm's lenght while her bottom was again soundly smacked


laura gets soundly spanked for not
returning books part 2

laura gets the honeystick soundly
for playing truant from work

After the hard otk spanking she had to kneel on her knees facing the bookcase holding 2 heavy books at arm's lenght while her bottom was again soundly smacked

It was a pleasant suprise when Laura showed up on our door step one afternoon. She told us that she had taken off work because she was sick. She didn't look sick at all and after phoning Christopher it became evident that she was playing
truant. We agreed that a sound spanking with the honeystick was deserved so she was bent over and her bottom was soundly spanked!. After the spanking she was sent off straight back to work with a hot and stinging bottom under her skirt


laura gets soundly spanked for not
going back to work. part 1

laura gets soundly spanked for not
going back to work. part 2

Those of you who have naughty girls under Their care will know that you allways have to check up on them so after we sent Laura off to work, we phoned her work half an hour later to make sure she did indeed go to work. It was not a suprise when they told us that she was not there but home sick!. We phoned Laura's cellphone and she was sitting on a terrace somewhere enjoying the sunshine. She was told to come back to us IMMEDIATELY and as soon as she was in the door she was taken over an elevated knee and soundly spanked again with the honeystick

After Laura got a good spanking with our new honeystick we felt it wasn't enough. She therefore had to fetch our hard wooden hairbrush and it was used SOUNDLY on her disobedient sore bare bottom. After the spanking, her bottom on fire, she was sent back to work


schoolgirl laura gets a sound caning for being disruptive in class

  laura returns for discipline part 1 to 3

We have had quite a few requests from members who wanted to see Laura again in a fantasy schoolgirl session so we obliged. Laura has been very disruptive in class and she is sent to the headmaster by her teacher for discipline

She has been spanked for being disruptive once before so now it's the cane!. 6 strokes sting her flower panties and 6 times she feels the stinging rattan across her naughty bare bottom

Out of the blue sometimes one gets an email from a girl from years ago saying she needs our brand of discipline again. This is what happened when Laura contacted us. It has been 7 years since I bared and soundly spanked her bottom but now she is back. I of course soundly spanked, paddled and tawsed her delightfull
bottom soundly. Make her feel welcome again guys! This session is in 3 parts






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