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leandra is introduced and gets her first

after bianca's first spanking Leandra gets soundly spanked as well

Meet the very naughty, cheeky, vibrant and gorgeous 24 year old Leandra! Leandra is a close friend of Stacey Those of you who are members of www.spanked-in-uniform.com will
recognize her as the naughty nurse, French maid, stewardess etc.
She has come to realize that she needs strict discipline in her life just like Stacey so we agreed to take her under our wing as well. She wil still do SIU episodes of course but on top of that if she misbehaves in real life, she will get her bottom spanked here on RLS.

After I spanked Bianca and seeing how much Leandra enjoyed watching her spanking. I knew she needed a spanking as well so over My knee she went and she got a sound bottom warming Which was long overdue!



bianca and leandra get soundly punished for spending too much on clothes part 1

bianca and leandra get soundly punished for spending too much on clothes part 2

Once again two of our little madams went on a shopping spree and spent way too much on clothes. This time it was Bianca and Leandra.  After checking how much they spent, I happen to notice a nice stinging ruler which I used to start of this punishment session with a few hard smacks on their hands. I made the two lay over the back of the couch and I gave them each a good leather paddling. Then it was against the wall for a while.

Before I spanked them again I wanted them to see and be very aware why they were punished to I made them hold up a bank statement each with their noses against the wall for a while. Then I made them bend over on the coffee table and I spanked them soundly with the stinging ruler.

bianca and leandra get soundly punished for spending too much on clothes part 3

bianca and leandra get soundly spanked for riding a train without a ticket

To finish off their punishment I gave them both another six with the leather paddle and told Leandra to go and kneel on a stool facing the wall, hands on her head. Then I put Bianca over my knee and gave her an extra sound spanking for showing up dressed too provocatively and after she also had to kneel on a stool facing the wall, bottom on show, hands on her head.

I always ask the girls to save their train tickets as I can put it in the books as travel expenses but this time Bianca and Leandra didnt have them. They came up with some lame excuse that they threw them away but I soon found out that they didn't buy tickets at all because it was a short journey. No excuse! Time for another spanking! I thought this was a perfect time to put them both over my knees together and tan their bottoms soundly which I did. Bianca over my left knee and Leandra over my right knee. In part two I spank them individually.

brittany's first spanking part 1

brittany's first spanking part 2

Meet the lovely Brittany dear members! Brittany is 28 years old, single and lives in Holland She is a close friend of Leandra and Leandra has told her all about us and the spankings she gets and Brittany was very intrigued and fascinated by
it all.
Brittany is very lazy and she is a bit of a wild one at times so she asked Me to keep her in line which of course we will do :) She has never been spanked before

After Brittany got her first spanking Leandra went over the knee for a sound maintenance spanking

the buddy system 2 part 1 and 2

misbehaving at a music festival part 1 and 2

A week after I gave Brittany her first spanking I decided to check up on her at work and I phoned her. I was told she was home sick so I tried her at home but no luck. I suspected that she was playing truant so I called Leandra and told her to find
brittany and bring her to me immediately!
You must remember that I put them both on the buddy s stem just like I am doing with Melanie and Monique so Leandra will get punished too Brittany was indeed not sick so they both got a sound leather paddling bent over my desk

It's summer time and over here in Holland that means there are quite a few open air music festivals. Brittany and Leandra attended one but instead of behaving themselves,
the little madams had a little too much fun and even went topless!
Time for a special punishment. I ordered them to come over and I bought a bottle, which they had to hold with both hands while they were over my knee getting a sound spanking. And to end of a lenghty cornertime



leandra returns part 1 and 2

peeping tom part 1 and 2

After a while the lovely, but ever so naughty, Leandra has returned. There is no way that she had been good all this time so I put her across my knee and gave her a good spanking followed by half an hour in the corner. A few minutes into her cornertime she asked me if she could go to the bathroom and I told her to go and hurry back. She agreed I waited and 10 minutes later I went downstairs to investigate and I found
the little minx in the kitchen talking to one of her friends on her mobile.
I dragged the little devil upstairs and gave her a sound leather paddling followed by some quality time on our dreaded punishment stools.  She hated that!

Alex Reynolds from http://alexinspankingland.blogspot.nl/ visited us for a few days to do a SIU shoot but of course the regular discipline sessions continued on RLS. I told Leandra to come over for a maintenance spanking before she gets
out of hand and I told Alex to remain downstairs while I went and gave Leandra her spanking upstairs in the office.
While I was spanking Leandra I caught Alex peeping in enjoying the
Only fair that Alex got a sound spanking as well while Leandra watched.





scarlett and leandra part 1 to 4

sno smoking in the office!

It has been a while since Scarlett and Leandra were here but if you think those two little minxes have been behaving themselves, you are sorely mistaken. Last weekend they went to a party, had a little too much and at 3 am they decided to
walk home by themselves which is obviously dangereous (Amsterdam)
I told them to come over and I spanked, birched, strapped and belted them soundly

Leandra came over and when I stepped out for a minute I caught her smoking a cigarette in my office! We have a smoking room so I scolded her and dragged her straight across my knee for a sound spanking!



monique and leandra punished
together part 1 and 2

leandra gets punished for
spanking herself on webcam part 1 and 2

When I asked Monique if she had stopped using her neighbour's WiFi she told me no and since her last spanking Leandra has gone out without permission and was naughty. What a shock! I called them both over and decided to punish them together. I gave them both a sound paddling, strapping and birching with a nice lengthy cornertime in between

By chance I stumbled across a webcam site and I saw a preview
of our leandra spanking herself with a leather paddle.
She was making fun of spanking so I called her over. I put her across my knee first for a good spanking and then she was put on our Punishment Tray for the first time. After that I made her kneel on the chair, bottom stuck out just like she did on the webcam show, and I used a similar leather paddle as she did. The only difference was that I paddled her properly not like those love taps she gave herself on the webcam





leandra soundly strapped and tawsed
for getting drunk at a music festival
part 1 and 2

leandra soundly spanked and strapped for
blowing up mailboxes with fireworks
part 1 and 2

Of course with all the music festivals starting again it didn't take long for Leandra to misbehave herself again. This time she got drunk on Beer I took 2 empty beer cans, turned our masssage table into a punishment bench, made her lay on it and hold the beer cans while I soundly spanked, strapped and tawsed her bottom

On new year's eve there are always a few youngsters who do silly things with fireworks and this year it happened to be our own Leandra Obviously intoxicated she, and a few of her friends, decided to blow up a few mailboxes. This just cannot go unpunished so here she is again. A sound spanking, cornertime and a sound OTK strapping was given and well deserved






the brake light


Leandra came to us for a visit and when I went to meet her at her car, i noticed the emergency brake light was on. I asked her how long it was on and she said a week. Women and cars I thought. Time for a stern reminder that it is dangerous Over my knee she went and her bottom got another good spanking






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