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liesje's first spanking

sammie and liesje part 1, 2 and 3

Please welcome the lovely Liesje members. Liesje is 27 years old, single and has been fascinated and has loved spanking since she was a little girl. She lives in Belgium and it is very hard finding someone who will give her what she craves and then she saw our website and she contacted us so here he is.  She loved the first spanking I gave her so she will be with us for a long time I am sure :)

I called Sammie over to discuss her behaviour and the little madam overslept again and was two hours late. Over my knee she went and when I was tanning her bottom but good,
Liesje showed up totally out of the blue wanting a spanking.
As soon as I finished with Sammie, I put her across my knee
and gave her a good spanking.
Sammie was put in the corner during Liesje's spanking and I told her to remain there while Liesje and I enjoyed a cup of coffee downstairs. You would think this was the end but no... When we came back upstairs, the little minx was sitting behind my desk chatting away. I gave Sammie a sound bare bottom leather paddling and she was put on one of our dreaded punishment stools. I put Liesje on one as well towards the end so she can feel what it is like should she deserve time on it





liesje gets a sound paddling for
not texting me back

sammie and liesje in trouble
again part 1, 2 and 3

I sent a few text messages to Liesje to find out how she was behaving herself and I got no reply. I ordered her to come over and she confessed she didn't reply on purpose in the hope that I would spank her again. Well I didn't spank her but I took my two leather paddles and her bottom felt the sting of both. Then she went into the corner for the first time and she went home sitting very carefully in her car.

What happens a lot on RLS is that when I punish girls together, they usually end up as good friends and partners in crime as it were. This is the case with Sammie and Liesje After their last punishment, they became friends and went out a few nights painting the town red and being very naughty. Well now it's time for me to paint their bottoms red! I gave them both a sound hand spanking followed by a good dose of the hairbrush and I finished with a sound bare bottom birching.



amy and liesje get preventive spankings
Part 1 AND 2

liesje and amy get soundly punished
for personal christmas shopping part 1 and 2

When I don't hear from girls for a while they are either behaving themselves properly (yeah right!) or they are secretly naughty. That is why I occasionally order a few to come over and I give them a preventive spanking. This time I told Amy and Liesje to come over and I turned them both
over my knee for a sound spanking just to be sure :)

As I suspected it didn't take long for these two to get into trouble. When they went Christmas shopping, they spent most their money on themselves. They bought clothes and shoes. I decided to teach them the true meaning of Christmas by means of a sound belting, getting them to spank each other, and finishing off with a hard paddling with my heavy leather paddle.



the phone part 1, 2 and 3

liesje's punishment day part 1 to 4

I found out that Liesje had a HUGE mobile phone bill because she doesn't stop internetting, Twittering and texting on her phone. I told her to come over and after a scolding, I put her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Now what normally would have been a one video spanking, turned into
a ver painfull 3 parter which left her bottom very very sore.
You see, when I put her in the corner after the spanking, she grabbed her phone again and was texting when I caught her. I birched and strapped her soundly and put her on our punishment stool. I had to go downstairs again and when I went up again, I caught her taking pictures of her bum and sending them to her friends! Well that's it! If she wants to show her punished bottom to her friends, let's make sure it's properly red AND striped. I gave her six of the best with my new heavy 3 tailed tawse and 12 of the best with my cane. And back on the punishment stool she went and I confiscated
her phone for 3 days

I made an appointment with Liesje to come over so we can discuss her behaviour but when she didn't show up, I called her. She told me she was sick so I told her when she was feeling better, she will come over. After I hung up, I checked the social media and there I saw that she was clearly on a beach somewhere enjoying the sunshine. I called her back, she confessed, and I ordered her to get her bottom here right now! Now instead of just one spanking she got a punishment day. I started with a hard hand spanking over my knee Then she had to vacuum downstairs naked This was not done fast enough so I gave her a sound strapping and a bare bottom birching Then I told her to put one one of our St. Catherines school uniforms
and she had to do lines sitting on her bare bottom.
Then I finished of with a hard tawsing and she had to touch her
toes for a hard caning






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