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lin's interview and first spanking

lin gets a sound leather paddling for dropping plates in the restaurant

Meet the ever so cute little 22 year old Chinese girl Lin. Lin works in her Uncle's Chinese restaurant and apparently she does not listen very well. Her Uncle contacted us and he is going to send little Lin to us if she needs a good spanking. The Chinese are usually pretty private and you don't see many Chinese girls spanked but believe me they do! Lin admits herself that she does need a sore bottom once in a while so we shall see if she behaves and listens. Her English is not that good and she hasn't been spanked since she was
a little girl.
I am sure you will adore her as much as we do.As usual we interviewed her and gave her cute little Chinese bottom a good OTK spanking followed by her first cornertime.

Uncle Wong gave me a ring and he informed me that the night before little lin was careless serving the customers and she dropped a few plates. Food flying everywhere! Well I told him to send Lin over to us el pronto and that she had to wear the
waitress outfit she wears in the restaurant.
When she arrived I told her to put her hands on the chair and I gave her  delightfully cute Chinese bottom a sound leather paddling. She had difficulty holding back the tears and her bottom was very red and sore. Afterwards she stood in the corner for a full hour and I sent her back to the restaurant to start her shift.

lin gets a sound spanking and our punishment stool for refusing to wear her uniform

lin gets a sound spanking and strapping for going to the beach instead of work

Our cute little Chinese Lin had a rebelious mood and refused to wear her uniform in their restaurant. (Maybe to get spanked?) I told her to bring the uniform over and as soon as she was in the door, she was in the corner, hands on her head. Then I put her across my knee and gave her firm cute little Chinese bottom a good spanking! After the spanking I told the embarrased Lin to put on the uniform and put her
rebelious little bottom on our punishment stool for half an hour.
She hated that! Then half an hour later she was back in the restaurant serving customers with her bottom glowing under her uniform.

Our little Chinese beauty is in trouble again dear members. Instead of going to work in the restaurant little Lin went to the beach. Obviously it was reported to Me so I told her to change into her swimsuit and I put My left foot on our coffee table and turned the little madam across my left knee. I gave her a sound spanking and then I told her to lay herself over our coffee
table and I gave her a good taste of the strap on her bare, allready stinging bottom which had her crying.
Afterwards it was half an hour in the corner and then she was sent back to the restaurant el pronto to start her shift.


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