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lisa's interview and first spanking

lisa gets a severe hairbrush spanking for playing with herself on the train before coming over

We are very happy to introduce 29 year old Lisa to you. Lisa lives in Belgium She is a delightfull young lady who is a submissive. She was in a BDSM relationship and she misses the discipline, the guidance and especially the sound spankings and that is why she contacted us and we will take
over her discipline from now on.
It became obvious right away that this young lady will need very hard spankings because she can take a lot! She is one of those rare girls who gets incredibly turned on by hard spankings and she almost orgasmed during her first spanking! This is the hardest first spanking I ever gave during the 6 years we have been online but she loved every hard stinging smack.

I told Lisa to come over to see if she has been behaving herself and when I wanted to see what kind of panties she had on, she didn't have any panties on! I also saw that she was quite wet down there and when I asked her about that, she told Me that she was so turned on in the train on the way over that she went into the bathroom of the train and masturbated. We cannot allow that kind of behaviour to go unpunished can we dear members?
How exciting it might be.
Due to this I broke the RLS tradition of giving the second spanking with My leather paddle and decided to turn the little madam across My knee and give her a long severe spanking with our heavy hairbrush! Probably the hardest hairbrush spanking on the site to date After I tanned her bottom soundly I put her in the corner on her knees, head to the floor, legs spread for one full hour.




lisa gets a hard hand spanking and the
wooden spoon for not cleaning properly

lisa gets a severe 24 stroke caning for playing with herself in public again!

Lisa told us that she had a sexy maid's outfit so we thought it was a good idea to let her dust of our DVD/book case. I let her clean for a while and when I checked her work, she had not dusted properly so I made her bend over and I gave her a hard hand spanking and warned her she better clean properly or she will feel the wooden spoon across her bottom!. I went to check Emails and when she was finished I inspected her work again. Again she did not clean properly so she soon had her elbows on our coffee table, bottom up and after I bared her bottom, I gave her a hard spanking with our wooden spoon. After the spanking she was in the corner, on her knees, head to the floor, legs spread, wooden spoon resting on her bottom.

I found out that Lisa has been playing with herself in public again. It seems that the severe hairbrush spanking I gave her did not stop her horny behaviour. Time to pull out my school cane! Over our trestle she got a severe 24 stroke caning which had the desired effect. With her bottom striped and stinging badly she was ordered into the corner on her knees, head to the floor. As an extra reminder I put the cane between her bottom cheeks with the warning if she dropped it, it would be extra strokes. She didn't drop it

lisa misses the discipline so she asks for
a long hard spanking

lisa gets a severe tawsing for being late
for everything

Lisa contacted us again and she told us that she misses the discipline and that she feels restless. She asked me if I would put her under our wing again and if I would give her a long hard spanking right there. I obviously obliged and she was soon across my knee getting her delightfull bottom spanked long and hard by me. It still amazes me how much she can take because I really let her have it!

Lisa confessed to us that she has a problem being on time for almost everything. Late for work, late meeting friends, and worst of all late meeting us! I made her bend over a chair and I gave her a severe and long tawsing with my trusty 2 tailed Lochgelly Scottish tawse. After the tawsing she was on her knees in the corner, nose to the floor, the tawse resting on her bottom.

lisa gets a severe hairbrush spanking
for disobeying me

lisa gets a severe 30 stroke caning and our punishment stool for stealing a lipstick

Some girls will test your patience. Lisa is one of them. After I spanked her for dressing too sexily a while back, she had the audacity to show up again looking like an escort girl. Time to bring out the dreaded heavy wooden hairbrush again. Over My knee she went and I gave her probably the hardest hairbrush
spanking I have ever given!
The little minx got her bottom well and truly soundly spanked. After the spanking I made her crawl to the corner where she stayed nose to the floor, legs spread and bottom up untill I decided she could come out.

This time Lisa had done it! The little madam was in a department store and decided to steal a lipstick! She felt bad about it so she confessed it to me. I took my 2 canes, laid her over the trestle and I severely caned her bottom 30 times! After the caning I also gave her a hard hand spanking over the trestle to intensify the pain from the welts. And I had her sit on our punishment
stool for a full hour.
This may be a little too severe for some but do remember she needed a hard punishment. I also told her to return to the store and pay for the lipstick and tell the lady behind the counter that she had been properly punished. She did just that and the lady's face was quite red when Lisa told her
she had been caned severely.

lisa gets a sound spanking for misbehaving
while we were on holiday

lisa gets a sound carpet beating for not cleaning her carpets

When the cat's away..... Well the third mouse to get her bottom soundly spanked is our Lisa. Not wearing underwear, not cleaning etc. etc. while we were on holiday. I turned her across My knee and gave her a nice hard spanking and afterwards I had her sit for a while on our punishment stool and think about her behaviour.

When I did a spot check in Lisa's appartment I saw thet the little madam did not clean and vacuum the carpets. When she was told to report I decided the most appropriate punishment
for that would be to lay her over our trestle and tan her lazy bottom soundly with the carpetbeater.
Which I did! Afterwards I had her on her knees in the corner, nose to the floor so she can see what a clean floor looks like.

lisa gets a hard spanking and a hard otk
caning for getting a speeding ticket

lisa gets a hard nude paddling for playing
with herself in public again

Lisa reluctantly handed me a speeding ticket she got. 15 kilometers too fast in a residential area!. I put the speeding little madam over my knee and first gave her a hard
hand spanking to warm her up.
Then I grabbed my stinging swishy junior cane (perfect for otk canings) and gave her a hard caning while she was over my knee. As she was wearing shorts I did not spare her thighs because I wanted every one to see that she had been caned and the welts were clearly
visible when she left.

Lisa has been very naughty again. She got horny in public so she masturbated. As I allready punished her for that in the past I decided on a special punishment this time. I made her take all her clothes off and she had to bend over for a hard wooden paddling with our Fanny Whacker :) Between the whacks she had to stand, hands on head, count the stroke and say:
"Thank you Sir. I will not play with myself in public again" and then bend over for the next one.
I did this because as she was not shy in public, she should not be shy to show her naked body to the members


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