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loni is interviewed and gets her first

loni gets a sound leather paddling for showing up in a too revealing outfit

Meet the adorable 24 year old Thalia dear members! Thalia lives in Belgium, she is single and she is a sub. She had a Dom but that relationship broke up. She was spanked a lot and she misses it teriibly. She saw our website and contacted us because we can give her what she needs and craves. As tradition dictates I interview her briefly and then I put her across My knee for her first spanking in quite a while.

For her second visit Loni dared showing up in a way too sexy and revealing outfit with her boobs almost hanging out and a short skirt and high heels. What will the neighbours think! To teach her to dress properly I bent her over the dining room table and gave her a taste of our leather paddle. Her sobbing is not fake. She felt that paddling good and proper.



loni gets a sound otk spanking for
being one hour late

loni gets soundly spanked in front of kathy
for showing up 15 min late

It must be the holiday season or something but everyone shows up late it seems. Loni showed up one hour late with the excuse that she wrote down the time wrong. Feeble excuse so the little madam was soon across my knee getting her
adorable Ibiza bottom soundly spanked.

Sometimes it is a good deterrent to spank a girl in front of another girl so I told Loni and Kathy to come over because they both needed a good spanking. Then our little Ibiza cutie Loni showed up 15 min late with the excuse that she was stuck behind a truck. Year right! Over the knee she went and I gave her a sound spanking while Kathy watched with interest.

loni gets a sound otk paddling for buying
a designer bag

loni gets a sound strapping for not
tipping the waitress

Loni showed up and she had a cute little bag with her but when I asked her how much she paid for it, I almost feel off the couch. 420 Euros! Extravagant to say the least so I put the little madam over my knee and gave her a good leather paddling. Then her nose got reaquainted with our wall as she was stuck in the corner again.

We took Loni and Kathy out to dinner and I of course paid for dinner but everyone allways tip the waitress. I was quite suprised when Loni didn't. I wanted to spank her right there
and then but that wasn't possible with the restaurant being quite full.
When we got home she was soon over the dining room table though feeling my strap on her bottom. Then I made her sit at the table for a while, on her bare bottom, thinking about why she was sitting on a sore well strapped bottom.

jolene's first spanking part 1 and 2

jolene and loni get paddled part 1 and 2

Meet Jolene dear spankos! She contacted us because her Vanilla boyfriend is not into spanking at all and she really needs a good spanking on a regular basis. While we were filming her interview, there was a knock on the door and Loni
showed up with a request. She is going on holiday and would I please give her a good spanking so she will behave and not be too naughty.
I thought it a good idea for Jolene to watch Loni get spanked first and then Jolene got her first spanking

As you have seen in the last 2 videos with Loni and Jolene, Loni got a spanking to stop her from misbehaving while on holiday but she didn't! She was also foolish enough to post some very naughty pics on her Facebook page in which one can clearly see whe was not being a good girl Jolene's boyfriend contacted me and apparently Jolene neglected to clean the house for a few days now. I called them both over and both of them got a sound leather paddling, bent over my desk, followed by some cornertime



back for discipline part one and two

The couch part 1 AND 2

I have been keeping an eye on Cory and Loni and both were getting a bit too naughty for my taste so I told them both to come over. Loni went on holiday without telling me and Cory hasn't been listening to her sister. Time for a sound spanking for both. Cory was first and Loni was next

Downstairs in our new office space we decided to make a little sitting area and Michael kindly donated his old green couch. The couch gives me a lot more exciting positions to put our naughty minxes in when they need their bottoms smacked. The first to lay over the back of our new couch was Cory and Loni as they have been very naughty. They both got a sound leather paddling and spend some time in the corne





melanie and loni return for disciplne
part1 and 2

melanie and loni get soundly punished for
going to a party without permission
part1 and 2

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from Melanie and Loni again
after almost two years.
They both got a bit out of hand so they need discipline again. I started off by giving them both a good spanking

Just a short while after their return spankings both girls decided to go to a party for some fun. They did behave themselves but they forgot one important aspect Asking me for permission! I called them over and gave them both a good leather paddling.






julie and loni get soundly spanked for
being irresponsible with money part 1 to 3


I asked Julie and Loni to come together as they both have something in common. They both bought items they cannot afford They needed a reminder to be responsible and that reminder was a sound spanking over my knee. If you thought that was the end of it, you are sorely mistaken. When I drove home I saw them both through a restaurant window
enjoying what must have been a very expensive lunch.
Luckily they were nearly finished so I dragged them back to our office
and took a belt to their bottoms folowed by the punishment stool










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