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lucy's interview

lucy's first spanking

Lucy is the latest addition to our website. She is a charming, cute, but very naughty and lazy medical student who needs strict guidance with her studies. Her best friend, who is 19, gets spanked by her father if her grades are bad and Lucy thinks that spanking will work for her too so she contacted us.

As usual we filmed her interview and Lucy got her first spanking to let her feel what will bestow her bottom if she does not do as she is told. We also put her in the corner so she knows what that feels like too should she not do her best in her studies.

lucy gets a sound otk leather paddling for
getting an f on a test


As Lucy was ordered she called Me and told me that she had gotten an F on a minor test. Minor or not she was told to bring the test and that she was going to be spanked. A very nervous Lucy showed up and she tried desperately to try and talk her
way out of the spanking.
No such luck because a few minutes later she was across the knee getting her first taste of our leather paddle.

At the end of Lucy's last video I told her to go to the library and study. But a little bird told me (and I don't mean Kelly) that I should phone a few hours later to checkup on her. Good thing I did because by the sound over the phone she was clearly
enjoying herself on some terrace instead of having her nose in the books.
I ordered her to come over straight away and, as soon as she was in the door, I took her under my left arm and spanked her. That is a very difficult position so I took her over to the couch, turned her over  my knee, and despite her tearfull protests and pleading, spanked her bare bottom  good and proper. Afterwards she spent 30 minutes on one of our punishment stools and was sent straight to the library.

lucy gets a sound spanking with our tennis 
bat for not handing an assignment in on time

lucy gets a sound spanking and cornertime for not going to bed on time

Very nervous Lucy told us that she forgot to hand in an assignment and the professor gave her an F. Not waiting for any excuses or explanations, I had her bending over and our
table tennis bat visited her bottom in no uncertain terms!
She kept bringing her hands back to cover her bottom so halfway through the spanking she had to lay over the stool. After her bottom was sufficiently red and sore, she was put in the corner and sent home to study.

When I phoned young Lucy again late at night it was apparent that the little minx was not in bed but in a pub having fun with friends. Well she knew what was coming and as soon as she was in the door, she was squirming over my knee getting a sound spanking! Afterwards in the corner, hands on her head and her sore red bottom on display.


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