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lynn is introduced and gets her first

lynn gets a sound leather paddling and our punishment stool for not cleaning her room

Meet the ever so cute but very lazy Lynn dear members. Lynn is 20 years young and she lives with her sister and brother in law here in Holland. Lynn is very lazy at home and her sister is fed up! They contacted us and we all agreed, exept Lynn of course, that Lynn will be sent straight to us if she doesn't do her share of the housework She is a very cheeky, spoiled, stuborn little madam with a big attitude so you will be seeing a lot of her in the next weeks. In this video as per tradition she is interviewed and she gets her first spanking which was quite a shock to her

That didn't take long did it? Just a few days after her first spanking Lynn's sister dropped her off because the little cheeky madam refuses to clean her room. As tradition dictates she was soon bending over our coffee table and her bottom was soundly paddled with our trusty leather paddle. Afterwards I decided that she should experience our dreaded punishment stool and she really hated that.




lynn gets a sound birching for not
doing the housework

lynn gets a sound spanking for staying out till all hours of the morning

Like I said before we will be seeing a lot of this little madam this week One spanking wasn't nearly enough. This time she was sent to us because she didn't do any housework this week
so time for another sore bottom.
I laid her over the trestle and gave her disobedient little bottom a sound birching! As she showed up wearing shorts I gave the tops of her thighs a few
good strokes so everyone can see the welts and know she has been punished.

Lynn was sent to us again by her sister and she told me that Lynn has no regard for time when it comes to going out and she wanders in at all hours of the morning. She also dresses too wild for her sister's liking. Time to turn the little madam over my knee again and give her another sore bottom. And that is exactly what she got!


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