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mandy is interviewed and gets her first

mandy gets paddled for missing a job interview

We are delighted to introduce the lovely but very naughty rebelious teen Mandy to you today. Mandy is 19 years old and she hasn't been living on her own that long. She is without a job at the moment and she does naughty things on her
webcam to make some money.
We will help her get a job and curb her unruly teen behaviour

As you know young Mandy is between jobs so I arranged a job interview for her. Then I got a phone call saying the little madam didn't show up! Time for the leather paddle dear members She was told to bend over our coffee table and I gave her petite bottom a sound leather paddling. She has never been spanked before and that paddling really stung her bottom as you can see by her reactions. But she deserved it! After the paddling she got to see our corner for the first time.



mandy gets spanked, strapped and our punishment stool for webcamming

mandy returns and gets a long overdue

I caught Mandy webcamming a few nights ago so I told her to come over and I put her across my knee for a short brisk spanking Then I made her bend over and gave her six strokes of the strap on her bare bottom. After the strapping I put her sore bottom on our punishment stool for the first time.

We have another pleasant surprise today. Mandy has returned! The last time she was here we were shooting at home and that must  have been around 4-5 years ago. Then Mandy was a young inexperienced 19 year old but she has turned into a beautifull professional young woman But now she needs a firm hand sometimes so she came back to us I of course gave her a good welcome back spanking :)

mandy gets soundly paddled for not
answering emails

ivey's first spanking part 1 and 2

My first test to see if the girls learned anything from their first spankings is always to see if they answer my emails quickly. Some of them do not and Mandy is no exeption. Time for the leather paddle. And I thought it a good idea to let her sore bottom meet our dreaded punishment stool which she did not like!

Mandy called us and she told us she would be bringing one of her close friends Ivey with her and she did Ivey is 27 and she works with Mandy. She is simply one of the most
naughtiest, cheekiest girls we have ever had here on RLS.
She is a real cutie though and simply gorgeous but Heaven help us
she is a hand full :)
Make her feel welcome guys. You will be seeing her quite frequently I am sure



ivey and mandy soundly punished for
provocative outfits  part 1 and 2


Showing up looking like two pornsluts is a sure way of getting your bottom soundly spanked by your disciplinarian This is what Ivey and Mandy decided to do the little devils! I sent them straight to punishment room 1, bent them over the punishment table and gave them both a sound leather paddling Then I told them to strip completely and get in the corner. After 30 minutes they were back over the table and getting a sound nude strapping






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