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manuela's interview

manuela's first spanking and cornertime

I am Manuela and i am 35 years old. I am happily married to David and we live in Holland. David thinks that i am a very lazy housewife (NOT!) and he and Sir Mike (yes i have to call him that! pfff) think i need to be SPANKED when i don't do my housework properly! Most women will hate me for saying this but it does me good to have a strong man punish me when i have been bad (and it is exciting shhhh)

After her interview we let her feel what will be in store for her bottom should she not be the dilligent housewife David wants her to be: her first OTK spanking followed by some humiliating cornertime.

manuela gets a sound leather paddling for
not picking up her clothes at home

manuela gets a sound slippering for 
forgetting to walk the dogs

Just a few days after Manuela got her first spanking David sent me an email saying that Manuela has an annoying habit of leaving her clothes all over the bedroom floor. He sent her over and after scolding her for it, I made her bend over the
coffee table and her bottom got it's first taste of our leather paddle.
She was sent home with a nicely red spanked bottom under her short white skirt.

Manuela's husband David emailed me informing me that when he went into the kitchen a few days ago, he was confronted by a pile of doggie poo. Manuela had forgotten to walk their two dogs! She was sent over and as she forgot to "walk" the dogs, I noticed she was wearing gym slippers and I had a wicked idea :) I ordered her to take one off, hand it to me and I put her across my knee and gave her ample bottom a sound spanking with it! After her bottom was sufficiently red and stinging I told her to kneel in the corner for a while and think about what she had done.

manuela gets a special punishment session
for not cleaning her house part 1

manuela gets a special punishment session
for not cleaning her house part 2

As Manuela has a problem with keeping her house tidy it was decided that a special discipline session was needed. A while back Kelly and I bought a french maid outfit and it was the perfect oppertunity to try it out. Manuela was put in the outfit and she had to clean our living room. Suffice it to say her bottom was not spared during that session She got 4 spankings. First she was paddled with our ping pong paddle for
dusting around bottles instead of removing them and then a while later she got a firm OTK spanking for not removing glasses while dusting.

After I came back from my office upstairs checking emails I found Manuela lying on the couch taking a nap! I told her to bend over the coffee table and her bottom got a another
leather paddling followed by 6 strokes of our trusty birch!

The session had it's desired effect because David told me that their house is now spick and span!

manuela gets a sound spanking and nude cornertime for staying out all night

manuela gets the wooden spoon for 
burning dinners

David called me early in the morning informing me that Manuela had stayed out ALL night going to a club with her girlfriends. I dashed over there just in time to catch the naughty madam come home. After a scolding she found herself across my knee getting a sound spanking. She wasn't wearing any panties either so after the spanking I made her take off her skirt and top and get in the corner nude for one hour.

David called me again and informed me that Manuela had burned their dinner twice. I phoned her at home and told her to have the wooden spoon ready in the kitchen and that she is going to get a good spanking with it. I laid her over their kitchen counter and gave her a good little spanking with the wooden spoon. Very stingy little implement which left her bottom quite
sore as you can see in the video.
After the spanking I placed one of their kitchen stools against the wall and she had to sit, hands on her head, one her sore bare bottom, for one hour 

manuela gets a sound carpetbeating and caning for burning dinner again!!!

manuela gets a sound comeback spanking

Some girls just need a very strict and hard lesson from time to time. Manuela is one of them. You remember she got the wooden spoon for burning dinner but 2 days after she got that spanking, the little madam burned a dinner again!!! Time for a serious punishment. I went over and gave her a good thrashing with the carpetbeater and 6 good strokes on her bare bottom with my cane. That got the message across because David phoned me yesterday and told me that the dinners are tasty and well cooked now.

Out of the blue we got a phonecall from Manuela telling me that she misses the spankings and that she had relapsed in her old behaviours. We told her to come over and we will be keeping an eye on her again. I put the naughty madam over my knee on the couch and gave her ample bottom it's first spanking in almost 2 years.

manuela gets a sound paddling and our punishment stool for not paying her bills

manuela gets a sound spanking and cornertime
for not keeping her house clean

Manuela was quite lazy in paying her bills so I decided to lay her over our trestle and give her ample bottom a sound leather paddling. After the paddling her red and stinging bum got it's first encounter with our dreaded punishment stool in the corner.

When I popped in to see Manuela her house was a total shambles I scolded her and told her to report at our house two days later and she would be punished. Why not punish her straight away? I hear you ask. Well there are two reasons
for that. 1. The wait and uncertainty of what she is going to get is as important as the spanking itself and 2. Her neighbours. Spanking is a noisy business you know :)
When she came over, I put her across My knee and gave her a good spanking that had her blubbering like a little girl. Then it was in the corner for a while.

manuela is back for discipline

manuela gets soundly strapped for being"constantly late

I got a phonecall from Manuela and she told me that she was getting out of hand again. Too much spending, laziness etc. I told her to come to our new shooting location and there I told her that she is back in the fold again I put her across my knee and gave her bottom a sound spanking Not overly hard of course as she hasn't been spanked in a while but as you can see by the state of her bottom afterwards and her reactions,
she sure felt it
Then i put her in the corner for a while which is very humiliating for a woman her age

Manuela was caught being late quite a few times for work and other things. Every excuse in the book was used but it was time that her bottom got another RLS session. After work I told her to come over and I ordered her to go to Punishment Room One and lay on the bed. I fetched a light and a heavy strap and I thrashed her lazy bottom soundly and put her in the corner for a full hour.

manuela gets soundly paddled for not
paying her gym fees

manuela returns for another sore bottom

It had come to my attention that Manuela had not paid her gym fees on time. I waited untill I knew she was at her gym and I phoned her and told her to come straight to us after her gym session and keep her gym clothes on. When she arrived she had no idea why but she soon found out why her bottom was going to be red and sore again. Over the desk she went and I gave her a sound leather paddling and sent
her home.

Most of our girls and also our mature Ladies just need a sore bottom from time to time to keep them well behaved. Manuela is one of them. It has been quite a while since her last
spanking so she called me and asked for another sore bottom.
Of course I obliged and she left a happy Lady with a very red and sore bottom under her tights and denim skirt.


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