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melanie's introduction

melanie's first spanking

Holland is full of naughty girls and women it seems because they are practically lining up to join our website. The latest adition to join our website is the lovely 32 yr old Melanie. She is actually a close friend of Zoe and seeing Zoe's bottom and hearing how she got spanked by me the last 3 times, Melanie feels she needs the same. (I have a feeling I will be spanking them both together because you know how naughty girls get when they get together) We are delighted to have her and after talking with her at length I feel you will be seeing a lot of her bottom because she really needs discipline and is
very very naughty.

As is tradition her on RLS, after the interview we let the new girls feel what they can expect so Melanie went over my knee and her bottom got a good hand spanking

melanie gets a sound leather paddling for being 20 minutes late

melanie gets a sound spanking with our shadowlane hairbrush for compulsive shopping

Not a good start dear members. When I visited Melanie for the second time the little madam showed up 20 minutes late! Well I soon had her bent over the end of her sofa and her bottom felt the sting of my leather paddle in no uncertain terms! After the paddling I sent her to the kitchen, skirt up, and panties around her knees to make me some coffee. She now knows that if she is ever late again something hard and wooden
will go across her bottom.

Quite by chance I caught Melanie in a shopping mall carying a few shopping bags. Upon inspection the little madam had done quite a bit of compulsive shopping. I took her home and soon she was across my knee feeling the hard sting of our Shadowlane hairbrush on her tight jeans. After a good spanking I made her bare her bottom and get her nose in the corner for 30 minutes after which she was across my knee again feeling the dreaded hairbrush across her bare bottom. Then I sent her back to the store to return the clothes immediately with a very sore and bruised bottom under her tight jeans.

melanie gets a sound caning for spending
600 euros on clothes

melanie gets a sound reminder spanking for feeling naughty

Melanie herself admitted she was stupid because she went on a shopping spree and spend 600 Euros on clothes! I told her to wait in the corner, bottom bare for me and when I got there, the little madam was bent over the back of the couch and her bare bottom felt the sting of my schoolcane. As usual afterwards she was sent back to the stores to return all the items with a striped bottom under her skirt. Women and clothes!

Melanie called me and asked if I would drop by. When I got there she told me that the last caning had it's desired effect on her behaviour but now she started to feel naughty again so please would I give her a good spanking before she got out of hand. Offcourse I obliged and over my knee she went for a good reminder spanking. That was exactly what she needed.

melanie is back and she gets a good

melanie gets a sound leather paddling for
spending too much on clothes again

We were quite delighted when Melanie called us again and she told us that she was getting out of hand and she needed to feel our special brand of discipline again. Of course we obliged and she came over and I told her that we will keep her in line again from now on. I put her across my knee and, keeping in mind that she hadn't been spanked in a long while, gave her a good spanking.

As you know I check the bank statements from our girls if they spend too much and when I checked Melanie's statements it became apparent that she had gone into clothes shops more often then I went into our own bathroom! Time for a stern reminder. I laid her over the back of the couch and gave her mature bottom a sound leather paddle with our slightly heavier paddle. After the paddle she had to kneel in the corner, on the stool to think about her spending.

melanie gets a sound birching for buying
designer bath products

melanie gets a sound hairbrush spanking for not reporting to me

Melanie, instead of buying normal priced bath products, ordered some very expensive extravagent bath products made buy some well known actress. I decided to give her a fitting punishment. I told her to come to the bathroom and to lay over the edge of the bath. Then I gave her bottom a sound birching.

All our girls have to mail us regular behaviour reports and Melanie didn't send one in nearly a week so I told her to come over. I put the little madam over my knee and gave her a good dose of my wooden hairbrush. After the spanking she was in the corner kneeling on the punishment stool for a while to remember to mail Me regularly!

melanie and julie get soundly spanked together for misbehaving during our holiday

melanie and julie get a sound strapping and our
honeystick for spending too much on shopping

The last 2 girls who were naughty while we were in Tenerife are Melanie and Julie. They were actually naughty together so I decided to spank them together. I thought the same position I used with Angel and Julie a while back would be fun and it was! For Me that is :) I laid Julie over My right knee and Melanie over My left knee and gave them both a sound spanking together.

Melanie and Julie went on a shopping spree together and of course spend way too much. (What else is new) I told both to come to us and as soon as they were in the door, I told them
to raise their skirts and lay over the back of the couch.
After a scolding I gave them both a sound strapping with the heavy leather strap and finished of their punishment with the honey stick. Then they both got reaquinted with Michael's wall as they had to stand there for a while their sore red bottoms on display.

the buddy system part one

the buddy system part two

Melanie and Monique have become friends and being female that meansthey go shopping together Now you must know where this is heading. Yes you are correct! They spent too much again so I decided on something new for them. The Buddy System That means that they must keep an eye on each other's spending and if one of them overspends, she will get punished but her buddy will get exactly the same. Not only will I punish them but the buddy will punish the other one first It worked but not before they were both soundly spanked a few times and the leather paddle and hairbrush was used on their bottoms

In part one Melanie gets her first spanking

In part two Monique gets her first spanking

the buddy system part three

the buddy system part four

In this video Melanie is humiliated as she is spanked by a far younger Monique over the knee and then both girls get a sound leather paddling and our dreaded punishment stool

In part four Melanie gets her revenge as Monique bought a pair of shoes she couldn't really afford. She take Monique over her knee and gives her a sound hairbrush spanking

the buddy system part five

in trouble again part one

In part five I take both of them over my knee and give them a hard taste of the hairbrush. That had the desired effect because their spending seems to have been curbed

Not long after the last Buddy System spankings Melanie and Monique were in trouble again! I told them both to report to us again and this time they got spanked for being late, they got a sound belting, the birch and a good dose of our infamous Honeystick In part one they both get soundly spanked for being late

in trouble again part two

in trouble again part three

In part two Melanie is bent over our trestle and she gets a sound belting

In part three Monique gets a sound belting over our trestle



in trouble again part four

a day at the spa part one and two

In this last part both girls get a sound thrashing with the birch and the honeystick

The terrible duo is back again! Monique has been behaving herself after her last punishment day but we all know that never lasts long. Melanie convinced her that a day at the spa would do them both good even though they can't afford it. Of course I found out and both madams got a sound spanking across
my knee.




the manicure part 1 to 5

melanie and loni return for disciplne
part 1 and 2

Well it didn't take long for the terrible duo to be back. This time Melanie told me that she caught Monique getting a manicure in town even after the last spanking she got. Normally that is not a problem but she knows she can't afford it As the Buddy System still applies to them both I told Melanie to spank Monique first with a small hard wooden paddle this time. After that Monique told me that when Melanie came into the beauty salon, she was carrying a few bags with new shoes. Only fair that Monique spank Melanie too which she did Then I took over and decided to give them both a proper punishment which included the heavy leather paddle, our Honeystick and I finished of by giving them both a good caning

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from Melanie and Loni again
after almost two years.
They both got a bit out of hand so they need discipline again. I started off by giving them both a good spanking








melanie and loni get soundly punished for
going to a party without permission
part 1 and 2

melanie and monique get soundly spanked
for running out of petrol on the freeway
part 1 TO 4

Just a short while after their return spankings both girls decided to go to a party for some fun. They did behave themselves but they forgot one important aspect Asking me for permission! I called them over and gave them both a good leather paddling.

The terrible duo, or known in our circle as M&M are back dear members. This time they both were in Melanie's car and they ran out of petrol right on the freeway! They could have caused a serious pile up so they confessed to me and I decided to give them a proper discipline session. I had them spank and strap each other first and then I soundly spanked and strapped them myself.










melanie returns to rls
part 1


Melanie has been away for many years but out of the blue she contacted us again. She misses our special brand of discipline so we went to see her at her new place. I bought her back in the fold with a sound hand spanking and a dose of our trusty leather paddle.
















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