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 Michael and nancy interview and
nancy's first spanking

nancy gets spanked and paddled for not cleaning upstairs

Micheal and Nancy really enjoyed seeing their old video on the site and all the positive warm reactions they got from our members that they decided to join the site fulltime. We visited them at home and after a nice interview Nancy got her first spanking over Michael's knee followed by some cornertime

When our hero Michael went upstairs he found that the bathroom and bedroom had not been cleaned yet and when he went downstairs, he found Nancy reading a book. He immediately dragged her over to the dining room area and pulled her straight across his knee!. He gave her a spanking and when she persisted in putting her hand on her bottom, he bent her over the table and gave her a nice little paddling with our
leather paddle.
Then he sent her upstairs, a nice red bottom under her black skirt, to clean!.

 nancy gets the carpet beater for
breaking 2 glasses


When we arrived at Michael and Nancy's house we saw that Nancy was kneeling on a stool against the wall with the carpet beater on her back. It became apparent that Nancy had broken 2 glasses earlier and was about to get spanked. Michael wasted no time and Nancy got a good spanking with the carpet beater over her tight jeans and almost bare bottom. She had to stay bent over against the wall, red bottom on display, for 30 minutes after the spanking

When we visited Michael and Nancy she was not there. She was visiting a friend. 30 minutes later the little minx walked through the door. After a scolding from Michael she was put across his knee and her bottom got a good hairbrushing followed by a lenghty time in the corner. In the corner she didn't remain still so she got another spanking with  the hairbrush. After that she stood perfectly still for 30 minutes.

 nancy gets spanked by michael and mike
for being obstinate and cheeky part 1

 nancy gets spanked by michael and mike
for being obstinate and cheeky part 1

We were over for dinner at Michael and Nancy and during drinks it became obvious that Nancy had not done the shopping yet. When Michael scolded her about it she was very cheeky and obstinate and even told me to shut up!. Well she was dragged across Michael's knee and her bottom felt his hand good and proper. 

After that spanking she went over My knee and got another good spanking for telling Me to shut up. When we were both finished with her bottom, a very subdued and obedient girl
did the shopping and prepared a wonderfull meal.

 nancy gets strapped for using michael's
credit card without permission

nancy gets a sound otk spanking
for burning dinner

Nancy bought some things online with Michael's credit card without him knowing about it. Offcourse he found out when the bank statement arrived. Nancy was told to fetch the strap in the study and she was bent over the back of their couch and her bottom felt the sting of the strap. Afterwards she had to spend time in the corner to reflect on her behaviour.

When Michael went downstairs and into the kitchen, he smelled something burning. It was the macaroni and Nancy was in the kitchen not paying attention. She was immediately dragged to the living room and turned over Michael's knee. She got a sound spanking over her slacks and those came down for a sound
bare bottom spanking too!

 nancy gets punishment lines and a sound
leather strapping for breaking a plate

nancy gets soundly punished for getting a high phonebill part 1: a bare bottom birching

Nancy was a little clumsy in the kitchen and she broke a plate. Michael ordered her to sit at the dinner table, bottom bare, leather paddle in front of her to remind her, and write 100 times: I must be more carefull in the kitchen. After she finished her lines, she was bent over the back of a chair and her bottom got a good sound leather paddling.

We all know that women loooove talking on the phone which does no harm untill the phonebill arrives. Such is the case with Nancy. Michael read the phonebill and it was 600 Euros! He confronted Nancy with it and he decided a sound punishment was in order. She was taken to the dining room table and she had to bare her bottom and lay over it. Her bottom was then soundly birched. 

nancy gets soundly punished for getting a
high phonebill part 2: a good bare bottom spanking and cornertime

nancy gets a sound otk spanking for not 
doing the laundry

After the birching Michael dragged her to the living room and put her across his knee for a long sound hand spanking on her sore and welted bottom. Usually one uses the hand first and then an implement but it sometimes is more effective to spank on top of welts left by a cane or birch when a good lesson has to be learned.

When Michael went into their bedroom he was amazed to find a mountain of laundry staring him in the face. He went downstairs and took Nancy straight across his knee for a good old
fashioned dose of domestic discipline namely a good spanking!
After her bottom was suitably red and stinging he fetched the ironing board and Nancy had to do the laundry straight away.

nancy gets a sound spanking with a spatula
for forgetting to make dinner

nancy gets another sound spanking for being clumsy and dropping an egg

When Michael came home he found that Nancy had gone off to fitness but there was no food! The little minx had forgotten to make dinner. When she came back Michael scolded her and told her to kneel on the couch and he fetched a spatula to spank her with. First over her tight jeans, then her white panties, and then on her bare bottom. After she was spanked, her bottom a nice shade of red, she had to keep her jeans and panties around her ankles and was sent to the kitchen to make dinner

After Nancy was sent to the kitchen to cook dinner she dropped an egg on the floor. Michael just grabbed her by the arm, took her to another room in the house, turned her across his knee, and spanked her allready sore bare bottom a second time. Afterwards she had to clean up the mess and get on with dinner.

nancy gets an unexpected visit from mike and gets a good spanking

nancy gets a sound spanking for failing her drivers test

Michael and I arranged that I would pay Nancy an unexpected visit and that I would give her an extra good bottom warming for her lazy behaviour over the past month or so. She was quite suprised especially when she was over my knee and feeling my wooden paddle explode across her tight jean clad bottom. I scolded her while I spanked her soundly and she promised to be a good little wife. I finished of the spanking with my hand and her bottom was very red and sore
by the time she climbed off my lap.

Michael moved from behind the camera for this video because it was time again for him to give his wife Nancy another sound bottom warming. Nancy had failed her first drivers test due to making silly mistakes so  she was going to be punished for it. Michael took her across his knee and gave her a good spanking.

nancy gets a sound leather paddling for
not doing the ironing

nancy gets a sound hairbrush spanking for sunbathing topless in the garden

Michael asked me to come over and to bring my cameras with me. We all know what that means don't we? When I got there I saw Nancy on her knees with her head in a basket of 
laundry. Apparently she had not ironed them.
Michael asked me for my leather paddle ( which I allways carry with me)
and he laid Nancy over a stool and gave her bottom a good leather paddling.
Afterwards she was on her knees again, head in the basket, bottom bare, for one hour before she was told to take the basket upstairs and do the ironing.

Nancy decided it might be fun to sunbathe topless in the garden. It was fun untill there was a knock on the window and Michael ordered her to come inside immediately. Our cameraman was not amused dear members! The neighbours can see you for goddness sake! He put her across his knee on their couch and gave her bottom a sound spanking with the hairbrush and sent her straight upstairs to go and put on her bikini top.

nancy gets a sound birching for not cleaning
the kitchen again!


We switched places again for this one. Me behind the camera and Michael giving Nancy a sound birching on the
arm of their couch.
I have had quite a few requests for the diaper position so we thought this was a perfect oppertunity. She did not enjoy that one little bit. Halfway through the birching her panties came down and she had to lay face down over the arm for the rest of the birching. Then she was sent into the kitchen, bottom bare and she had to clean the kitchen untill it was spotless!



the old videos


 nancy gets a sound bare bottom spanking
for being very very naughty
part 1 and 2

nancy gets a sound bare bottom strapping
for being cheeky to michael at his parent's house

Nancy has been very very naughty all week. she was cheeky to michael and she put sugar and milk in his coffee while he drinks it black. Michael ordered nancy to change into her schoolgirl outfit, place the chair ready for spanking and stand in the corner. Micheal then took the little minx over his 
knee and gave her a sound long bare bottom spanking

While they visited Michael's parents Nancy was very cheeky thinking she will get away with it as Michael couldn't spank her with His parents there.  Well she soon learned that that was a big mistake.  After she was spanked for the coffee incident, she was bent over the table and her cheeky bare bottom felt the stinging lashes from Michael's strap

 nancy gets the wooden spoon, cornertime
and the hairbrush

nancy gets the cane

This is the third video from nancy's sound punishment session. In this video Nancy gets a sound spanking with the wooden spoon and is sent into the corner. She misbehaves in the corner so she is told to place a chair in the middle of the room and to bend over it.  Mike then picks up His hairbrush (without the bristles) and spanks her soundly with it

This is the fourth video from Nancy's sound punishment session. After removing her school clothes Nancy gets the small but stingy cane across her bare bottom while bending over the back of a chair. After the 16 stroke caning Michael hand spanks her soundly a few times to make sure the stinging from the caning is properly felt. She then has to sit on the chair which has a woven bamboo seat

 nancy gets the strap and cane for
being cheeky

nancy gets soundly punished 
for being a brat part 1

This is the last video from this long and painfull session. After the cane Mike asked Nancy if she had enough and if she was going to behaveherself she replied: maybe....

For this cheekiness she got another good strapping while bent over the side of the sofa and a few hard cane strokes. The reason for this cheekiness becomes clear at the end of the video

When Michael came home one fine evening he went into the bathroom and he found that his little brat had sprayed shaving foam and toothpaste all over the place!.  Mike grabbed his camera and filmed the crime scene and the resulting discipline. She got a few sound handspankings and she also felt the slipper and cane. She also saw the inside of the corner as a real brat should. Needless to say she found sitting down very uncomfortable for the next few days. In this part we see the crime scene and the little brat got her first hand spanking, 
slipper and 10 with the cane bent over the back of a chair

nancy gets soundly punished 
for being a brat part 1

nancy gets a sound spanking for being 
30 minutes late and orgasms while 
getting spanked

This is the second video in which Nancy gets SOUNDLY punished for being a brat. In this video the slipper, cane and hand visits her bottom long and hard and she is taken across Michael's knee again for a long hard smack bottie!

Nancy has the habit of being late a lot and this time she was 30 minutes late. Michael sent her upstairs and she had to kneel on the bedroom floor for 30 Minutes forehead on the floor and bottom well up. After 30 minutes he went upstairs and took her across his knee for a long hard bare bottom spanking. Towards the end of the spanking you will see something very rare in the spanking scene. Nancy actually has an orgasm while being spanked!. Is this the end of the punishment session? Stay tuned


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