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the introduction and natalie's
first spanking

natalie gets spanked for waking 
michelle up

We are delighted to introduce the first lesbian couple on our website. Michelle (24) and Natalie (23) are lovers and live together. Natalie is the naughty one of the two and gets her bottom spanked quite regularly by her lover Michelle. In the first video the girls are introduced and Natalie gets her first spanking on camera over Michelle's knee.

Natalie woke up very early one fine morning and decided to put on the radio while Michelle was still fast asleep. Michelle, like Queen Victoria, was not amused! Michelle grabbed a ping pong paddle and bent Natalie over the bed and gave her bottom a good seeing to untill Natalie was in tears.

natalie gets spanked in the kitchen for
not doing the dishes

natalie gets a sound leather paddling for
coming home late again

Natalie had forgotten to do the dishes and Michelle noticed.She was called into the kitchen and was immediately bent over and spanked. After a had spanking Michelle grabbed a spatula out of the kitchen drawer and finished the spanking with it. With her jeans around her jeans, bottom nice and stinging, Natalie did the dishes with tear filled eyes.

Natalie came home way too late and the little minx was slightly intoxicated. When Michelle scolded her, she even pulled out a bottle of Wodka and tried to get out of her spanking. No such luck!. She was taken over Michelle's knee and kneeling on the couch so that the leather paddle could be used to good effect on her bottom.


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