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 MILENA's interview

 MILENA's first spanking

Milena, a lovely fiesty petite Latino girl, contacted us and wanted to be part of our website because she needs someone to spank her. She owns a beauty salon here in Holland and she is quite bossy and bitchy to her girls.When she was a young girl, her parents used to spank her when she lost her
temper and she needs that in her life again.

After the short interview she went straight over the knee and her bottom was spanked soundly. 
Did she enjoy the spanking? I won't answer that just watch the video and  judge for yourself :)

 MILENA gets the hairbrush and 

milena gets a sound paddling for being 
rude on the phone

When Milena came back a few days after her first spanking she told us that it didn't do much good. Immediately she was hauled across the knee again and her bottom got a much harder and longer spanking with hand and wooden hairbrush
this time. She was also put nose in the corner after the spanking

Some girls just do NOT learn!. Straight after her cornertime after her hairbrush spanking Milena phoned her salon and she was rude and horrible to one of her girls. Immediately after she hung up the phone she was bending over, bottom bare and she felt the sting of our leather paddle explode on her disobedient little latino bottom!

 MILENA drops by and asks for a
good spanking


Milena called us and dropped by. She told us that her last spankings worked but only for a little while and that she needed a spanking right there and then because
she felt bad.
We obliged and she spent a few minutes across the knee getting her bottom spanked good and proper. When she left she felt at peace with herself again. Those into spanking will know that a good spanking can almost be therapeutic.




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