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milena and julie part one

milena and julie part two

A new gorgeous and very naughty and wild 19 year old contacted us because she needs strict discipline in her life. Her name is Milena This time I decided on something different and as it came to my attention that our Julie had been naughty also, I asked both girls to come to our new location, and I would spank Julie first so Milena can see how I punish our girls
and then she would get her first spanking
In part one Julie gets a sound spanking for leaving work early without permission while Milena sits outside and she can see the spanking through the window next to the door.

In part two I introduce the lovely Milena to you and of course she gets her first spanking

milena and julie get soundly punished for
sleeping through their alarm clocks
part one

milena and julie get soundly punished for
sleeping through their alarm clocks
part two

I don't know if it is the weather or something but a lot of our girls oversleep as of late. Both Milena AND julie slept through their alarm clocks a few times so they are going to be soundly punished. We made one of our beds ready as that is appropriate concidering that they overslept. In part one they both got a sound leather paddling laying over the bed.

In part two both girls went over the end of the bed and they got a sound bare bottom birching followed by half an hour against the wall, bottoms bare, hands on their heads, and their noses against the wall.

milena and scarlett are back and they
get a sound spanking part 1 AND 2

milena and scarlett get soundly punished
for misbehaving at a party part 1 AND 2

Please welcome back Milena dear members. She has been running wild for one and a half years now and finally she is back because Scarlett told her she was getting too wild MIlena agreed and they both visited us. I put them both over my knee and gave them a long overdue,  well deserved spanking.

When i was surfing the net I came across a series of pics taken at a end of the year party and I noticed Milena and Scarlett were in the pics behaving very badly. They were frolicking and kissing each other and doing other naughty things for which they must have known they were going to be punished
Well they most certainly did. I gave them both a hard paddling with my table tennis bat, corner time on their knees, and a good paddling to finish off with.





milena and monique get spanked for
not waiting for me. part 1 and 2

something borrowed,someone spanked
part 1, 2, 3 and 4

I asked Milena and Monique to come over but I was 5 minutes late. When I got to our office, the girls were nowhere to be seen 30 minutes later they showed up and they said they went for a drink when I wasn't there. They should have waited so I told them to go upstairs and I gave them both a sound spanking followed by some cornertime

This is not Monique's week. Her and Milena showed up and Milena told me that Monique had borrowed a sweater and she didn't want to return it. Monique then told me that the reason for that is that Milena borrowed a pair of shoes from her a while back and she also hasn't returned them. I came up with a cunning plan (also to satisfy those members who want to see more girl/girl spankings) I told them to spank each other! Which they did with great gusto!





the terrible trio get spanked for misbehaving
during the world cup part 1

milena gets paddled for being cheeky on social
media after her last spanking

As I mentioned before, a few of our girls misbehaved during our Worl Cup matches. Milena, Esther and Scarlett are close friends and they work together. Now during the World Cup they were so naughty I call them our Terrible Trio! It's hard getting them all here at the same time but I shall punish
them one at a time :) Milena is first

After her last world cup spanking Milena thought it wise to mention on Social Media that the spanking was worth it because the had SO much fun! Of course my Social Media spy network contacted me and I told her to come straight back. I paddled her soundly and put her on our new Punishment Tray with her mobile and she was told to post exactly how her bottom
This time she regretted it. 


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