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miranda is interviewed and gets her first

miranda gets a sound leather paddling for not sending me her results

We were delighted to get a phonecall from 22 year old Miranda who is Yasmine's best friend and she is also following the same study as Yasmine Miranda saw how yasmine's grades improved after a good number of sound spankings from us so she contacted us because she is as lazy as Yasmine She is now under our wing so to speak and her bottom will get soundly spanked if she does not perform well in her studies. Miranda is inerviewed and she goes across the knee for the first time and gets a sound spanking

As you remember I told Miranda after her first spanking that she has to keep me informed of her results and progress etc. which of course she didn't! Time for the leather paddle to visit her bottom. I told her to lay over the arm of the sofa and I gave her a good paddling with my trusted old leather paddle. Then it was in the corner for a while. I am happy to report that her progress reports are now arriving with regularity




miranda gets a sound birching and spanking
for failing a subject


Miranda reluctantly handed over a test result and she had failed it. Normally when a girl did her very best I would not punish her for it but she admitted that she could have done much better so over the table she went for a sound birching. Halfway through the birching she surprised Me by asking if I would please put her across My knee and spank her instead of the birch and I obliged. I knew that being put across the knee for a spanking makes her feel truly punished and that is due to her upbringing. I pulled down her panties and turned her bottom a fiery red and contrite little girl with a tear stained face got up after her spanking.




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