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monique is interviewed and gets her first

monique gets a sound leather paddling
for missing a cooking lesson

It is quite amazing how many girls here in Holland contact us to be part of our website and need spanking in their lives The next little cutie to join us is 21 year old Monique She lives in Holland and is familiar with spanking. Her ex boyfriend spanked her. Now she misses it and she contacted us As usual we will keep an eye on her and spank her when she needs it which will be a lot I am sure She can also be seen on our new site www.spanked-in-uniform.com 

Our little Monique came to Me and told Me that she had overslept and that she missed a cooking lesson at the hotel school she attends. She blamed it on her alarmclock but I quickly told her that it was her fault and not the clock's On her hands and knees on the coffee table her little bottom felt the sting from our leather paddle for the first time. Afterwards she was put against the wall, bare sore bottom on display, nose against the wall.



monique gets a sound spanking for showing
up 20 minutes late!

monique gets a long hard spanking for
illegal downloads

As you know I consider lateness a sign of disrespect and rudeness. Well Monique found that out the hard way when the little minx showed up 20 minutes late. I immediately told her to take off her coat, get across my knee and I gave
her little bottom a jolly good spanking.
Then I made her kneel on the stool in the corner for 30 min.

This time our little Monique realy deserved a long hard spanking. I found a DVD with a few spanking films on it from other websites and when I questioned her, she admitted that she had downloaded them from some pirate site. Now those bloody pirates are slowly ruining the spanking market with their
illegal sharing so you can imagine that Monique got off my lap with a very very sore bottom!.
She didn't mean any harm but she will never do it again

monique's fantasy
strict daddy naughty daughter
part one: the condom

monique's fantasy
strict daddy naughty daughter
part two: the report card

All our girls have their own spanking fantasies and some love to act them out for you to enjoy. Monique told me that she fantasises about being the naughty daughter who gets spanked by her strict Daddy. She came up with a scenario where she comes home with her report card,
lies about it, and her Daddy goes through her bag and He finds a condom!
He then pulls her over his knee and spanks her hard and fast just like a real angry father would and then puts her in the corner while he reads her report card.

After reading the report card it was obvious little monique had not done well at school at all so she was told to fetch the slipper. Then she was put over the back of the sofa and she got a good long hard slippering and she was sent to her room.

monique's gets a severe hairbrush
spanking for smoking a joint

the buddy system part one

As you know I only use the Shadowlane heavy hairbrush for real serious transgressions and using drugs is one of them. Our little Monique confessed to Me that she had smoked a joint a few days ago and she knew she was going to be spanked soundly for that but I decided she was to get a severe spanking with our heavy wooden hairbrush. I made her kneel on the coffee table for a while holding the hairbrush and
then I put her across my knee and gave her a severe spanking!
Some might find this a little too severe but remember that using drugs IS a very serious transgression.

Melanie and Monique have become friends and being female that meansthey go shopping together Now you must know where this is heading. Yes you are correct! They spent too much again so I decided on something new for them. The Buddy System That means that they must keep an eye on each other's spending and if one of them overspends, she will get punished but her buddy will get exactly the same. Not only will I punish them but the buddy will punish the other one first It worked but not before they were both soundly spanked a few times and the leather paddle and hairbrush was used on their bottoms

In part one Melanie gets her first spanking

the buddy system part two

the buddy system part three

In part two Monique gets her first spanking

In this video Melanie is humiliated as she is spanked by a far younger Monique over the knee and then both girls get a sound leather paddling and our dreaded punishment stool

the buddy system part four

the buddy system part five

In part four Melanie gets her revenge as Monique bought a pair of shoes she couldn't really afford. She take Monique over her knee and gives her a sound hairbrush spanking

In part five I take both of them over my knee and give them a hard taste of the hairbrush. That had the desired effect because their spending seems to have been curbed

in trouble again part one

in trouble again part two

Not long after the last Buddy System spankings Melanie and Monique were in trouble again! I told them both to report to us again and this time they got spanked for being late, they got a sound belting, the birch and a good dose of our infamous Honeystick In part one they both get soundly spanked for being late

In part two Melanie is bent over our trestle and she gets a sound belting



in trouble again part three

in trouble again part four

In part three Monique gets a sound belting over our trestle

In this last part both girls get a sound thrashing with the birch and the honeystick

pick a switch! part 1, 2 and 3

the punishment day part 1 to 6 uploaded

Our little Monique is in serious trouble dear members! Last weekend she went to the beach and on the beach she decided to smoke a joint! Now you know how I hate drugs and as she smoked it outside, I decided to take her out into the woods and give her a serious bottom warming I started by giving her a hard warm up spanking against a tree and then I made her pick her own switch Then I bent her over the car and I gave her bare bottom a long and severe switching On the way back the cheeky little madam made a few remarks which made me turn the car around and drive back and I gave her another
hard spanking on the back seat of the car

Monique and Stacey went out together and while they were in traffic Monique, who was driving, got a text message. Now in Holland it is illegal and very dangerous to text while driving but
the little madam decided to text back anyway with the result that they hit the car in front of them.
Nothing serious though just a few ruined fenders but still reason enough
for them both to be soundly punished. Including Stacey because she could have stopped her from texting
I decided on a punishment day. They were told to arrive at 7 AM the next day and they arrived 5 min late with the result I gave them both a sound over one knee spanking. They had to clean the entire office, scrub floors with their bottoms bare, write punishment lines while getting strapped. They got a mid morning
paddling, a sound afternoon spanking and to end the day they felt the cane across their bare bottoms.





A day at the spa part one and two

the manicure part 1 to 5

The terrible duo is back again! Monique has been behaving herself after her last punishment day but we all know that never lasts long. Melanie convinced her that a day at the spa would do them both good even though they can't afford it. Of course I found out and both madams got a sound spanking across my knee.

Well it didn't take long for the terrible duo to be back. This time Melanie told me that she caught Monique getting a manicure in town even after the last spanking she got. Normally that is not a problem but she knows she can't afford it As the Buddy System still applies to them both I told Melanie to spank Monique first with a small hard wooden paddle this time. After that Monique told me that when Melanie came into the beauty salon, she was carrying a few bags with new shoes. Only fair that Monique spank Melanie too which she did Then I took over and decided to give them both a proper punishment which included the heavy leather paddle, our Honeystick and I finished of by giving them both a good caning





no littering part 1 and 2

painfull lessons part 1 to 3

Danielle Hunt visited us and we had a very nice SIU shoot with Danielle and Monique. As the weather was beautifull, we decided to take our break in the woods and enjoy a bit of sunshine and nature. As we got ready to go back, both little minxes took their empty soda cans and threw them in the woods! I ordered them to pick them up and I bent them both over the car for a sound spanking. Then, as we drove off, they threw their cans out of the window! Can you believe it? I stopped the car and told them both to go and pick a switch. After a good stinging bare bottom switching we finally got on our way and the soda cans ended up in a thrashcan where they belong!

When Danielle was here for a SIU shoot and Monique was also there, she caught Monique using her mobile phone. Danielle was not amused and instead of telling me, she decided to take
matters into her own hands and put Monique over her knee and spank her soundly.
When I heard the commotion I found out what happened and I gave Monique the chance to spank Danielle which she gladly did. Then I put Danielle over my knee and gave her a long hard spanking for spanking Monique and not informing me.




amy and monique get soundly punished
part 1 and 2

monique gets the stinger

Sometimes I have to discipline a few girls on the same day. I scheduled Monique to come in the morning but she didn't show
up so I waited for Amy and I gave her a sound spanking for not paying her bills again.
While I had her on my desk, spanking her bottom soundly, Monique burst in and after a scolding I told her to bare her bottom and get in the corner while I finished with Amy. Amy went into the corner and I put Monique over my knee and gave her such a spanking she will never forget! Keeping me waiting for 3 hours indeed!

We were in the neighbourhood where Monique lives so we decided to drop in for a visit. I immediatelly noticed that her living room window had loads of smudges on it and she obviously hadn't cleaned them in a while. Well the next day she was in our office knowing that her bottom will once again be very sore. I decided to introduce her to our dreaded Stinger! This implement is incredibly stingy and leaves painfull deep red marks as you can see in the video. She shed a few tears as well and told me afterwards that she HATED that thing!. Very effective little implement



erica and monique part 1 and 2

erica and monique paddled and strapped
for a traffic fine part 1 and 2

Erica phoned me and she told me that for a while, my spankings had helpt but she desperately needs discipline again so I told her to come over straight away as I had Monique scheduled for a sound spanking. That little madam had not cleaned her windows properly after I spanked her for that a while ago. I put both girls over my knee and tanned their botoms soundly!!

Erica and Monique's bottoms had barely recovered from their last spankings and they are in trouble again. This time they were chatting and listening to music while driving with
the result that they were caught speeding and got a 390 Euro fine.
And here they are again both getting a sound leather paddling, humiliating cornertime kneeling on the floor, and a sound strapping over our punishment bench.



milena and monique get spanked for
not waiting for me. part 1 and 2

something borrowed,someone spanked
part 1, 2, 3 and 4

I asked Milena and Monique to come over but I was 5 minutes late. When I got to our office, the girls were nowhere to be seen 30 minutes later they showed up and they said they went for a drink when I wasn't there. They should have waited so I told them to go upstairs and I gave them both a sound spanking followed by some cornertime

This is not Monique's week. Her and Milena showed up and Milena told me that Monique had borrowed a sweater and she didn't want to return it. Monique then told me that the reason for that is that Milena borrowed a pair of shoes from her a while back and she also hasn't returned them. I came up with a cunning plan (also to satisfy those members who want to see more girl/girl spankings) I told them to spank each other! Which they did with great gusto!





night school missing the first class
part 1 and 2

night school failed first test
part 1 AND 2

Julie and Monique tld me that they had both enrolled in a handy course in Night School which I of course applauded. But we all know these two so I warned them. Slack off and you will be the only adults in the class with very sore bottoms. They went to their first class but decided to pop in to the local pub first for a wee drink which turned into a few and the result: they missed their first class! Well I think you can guess by now what followed :)

Julie and Monique missed a few lessons with the result that they failed their first test. This cannnot go unpunished so my leather paddles became well aquainted with their bottoms again



the wifi incident

monique and leandra punished
together part 1 and 2

Monique is in trouble again guys She told me with pride that she is now using her neighbours WiFi connection to connect to the net. Just before she finished that sentence she saw my face expression and knew sitting down will not be comfortable for a while I dragged her to the office, threw her over my knee and gave her a good spanking followed by the dreaded punishment stool

When I asked Monique if she had stopped using her neighbour's WiFi she told me no and since her last spanking Leandra has gone out without permission and was naughty. What a shock! I called them both over and decided to punish them together. I gave them both a sound paddling, strapping and birching with a nice lengthy cornertime in between



monique gets severely punished
for shoplifting part 1, 2, 3 and 4

monique's report card day part 1 and 2

Our little Monique is in deep deep trouble guys and gals. She confessed to me that she went to the mall and by one of those
Perfume promotion stands, she actually stole one of the testers.
No excuse and she deserves a severe punishment. I gave her a hard warm up spanking followed by the Shadowlane hairbrush. Then I had a secial surprise for her which you shall see in part 2,3 and 4I also strapped her bottom severely and ended with 12 of the bestwith the cane across her bare bottom.

Monique asked me if we could do another domesticfantasy and if I would use the belt because that was the implement her elder used years ago. And if she could wear our Spanked In Uniform St. Catherines school uniform. I agreed In part one Monique is scolded and soundly spanked for bringing
home a bad report card. She is told no mobile, internet, TV etc.
for two weeks!In part two she is caught with her mobile and Daddy takes off his belt :)




double trouble part 1 to 4

zoe page joins rls as disciplinarian
and she spanks monique part 1 and 2

Julie and Monique are in trouble again guys. What else is new? I hear you ask :) As you can see Julie didn't go to the hairdressers to get that funky blue colour taken out. Monique got a speeding ticket because she was driving 140 Kph I decided to give Julie a sound OTK strapping first and then Monique a sound hand spanking. Then after some cornertime I made them both lay over our punishment table and I strapped their bare bottoms soundly.

\We felt it is high time to introduce a good female disciplinarian on the site. As you know I took over Bars And Stripes and the previous owner and I are good friends. Through him we met Zoe Page and we get along great! She is one of the best Female spankers online! For her first session for RLS I decided to call Monique as she is just always naughty and in need of a good spanking. In part one Zoe takes Monique over her knee 



melanie and monique get soundly spanked
for running out of petrol on the freeway
part 1 to 4

the neighbour part 1 and 2

The terrible duo, or known in our circle as M&M are back dear members. This time they both were in Melanie's car and they ran out of petrol right on the freeway! They could have caused a serious pile up so they confessed to me and I decided to give them a proper discipline session. I had them spank and strap each other first and then I soundly spanked and strapped them myself.

Monique dropped by and she told us that she has some problems with her neighbour. Upon asking her about it, it became obvious that Monique was largely to blame for the Feud. I will spare you the exact details but cutting each other's Hedges on the edge of their yards is involved. I decided a sound hand spanking and a hard bare bottom Tawsing was well deserved and she was to settle the dispute OR it's the cane!



red bottoms for painting the
town red part 1 and 2


Betty and Monique had a girl's night out and they told me they painted the town red. Of course they misbehaved and in good RLS tradition I made their bottoms red. This time I told them to bare their bottoms first and kneel against the wall for a good while thinking about their behaviour and what will happen to their white unblemished un spanked bottoms. Then I took them both over my knee and gave them each a sound bare bottom spanking






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