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monya's introduction and first spanking

monya gets a sound leather paddling for getting caught without panties

Have you ever seen those webcam girls or adult porn actresses and said: those young madams need a darn good spanking? Well now you can see that happen 35 year old Monya came to us and she told us that she does all of the above but she wants to change her lifestyle and would we please help! Offcourse we agreed and from now on Kelly and I will teach her to behave like a proper lady and if she doesn't, her bottom will pay the consequences by means of a good spanking! 

After the introduction she was soon squirming across My knee as her bottom was spanked for the first time

I warned Monya after the first spanking that we will check up on her unexpectantly and we did. A few days later I went over and when I inspected her clothing I caught  her not wearing any panties. I allways come prepared and I had our new heavy leather paddle with me and in no time she was over the dinner table feeling the sting of the paddle explode on her disobedient 35 year old bottom. Afterwards I made her go upstairs and put that sore bottom in a decent pair of panties immediately.

monya is caught webcamming and gets a
sound spanking live on cam!

monya gets a good paddling with our board of education for doing a hardcore film

The girls REALLY hate it when I pay them surprise visits and Monya is no exeption. When I showed up uninvited, I caught the little madam sitting behind her computer nude webcamming with around 10 guys. I decided that those cammers would get a show they didn't bargain on namely
a live sound OTK spanking for their cam babe.
I sat on the bed, pulled her over my left knee and gave her a good spanking. Halfway I noticed a beach shoe on the floor. I picked it up and finished her spanking with lots of fast hard smacks. Then I told her go to her pc and type that that was her last camsession and she had to stand in the corner for half an hour.

One of our members contacted me telling me that he had seen a preview clip from a hardcore film on some website and the girl in this film is our naughty minx Monya! Needless to say she deserved more then just a hand spanking so I gave her a
good American style paddling over her tight jeans and bare bottom bending over, hands on the couchseat.
The paddle I am using was kindly sent to us by a loyal member Bob.
Thanks again Bob!
Halfway during the paddling I made her stand in the corner, the paddle held tightly against her bare bottom so she was fully aware of what was going to
happen in 30 minutes time.

monya shows up out of the blue wanting a good spanking

monya gets a sound spanking and a special session on our punishment stool for getting a speeding ticket

So here I was dear members settling down to watch a few episodes of my favourite Stargate series when the doorbell rang. To my suprise there was 36 year old Monya. As soon as we sat down on the couch, she went across my knee willingly
and telling me that she needs a good spanking.
Well one cannot refuse to help a damsel in distress so I gave her a good spanking keeping in mind offcourse that her bottom hasn't been spanked in quite a while. Then it was in the corner to reflect on her behaviour and she went home.

Monya came to us and nervously handed over a speeding ticket she got. As this is her first speeding offence I decided to give her a sound hand spanking followed by a special session on our punishment stool while she holds the speeding ticket against the wall with her nose. It was a very effective punishment because she now drives like a 75 year old Lady on her way to church :)

monya gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for webcamming in the nude again


Remember when I caught Monya webcamming in the nude and playing with herself? I gave her a sound spanking and slippering. Well a few days ago I caught her again doing the same thing! I decided that it was time that her 36 year old bottom felt the sting of my hairbrush. Across my knee she went and when she went into the corner on her knees, she had a very red and sore bottom.




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