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 nadia's first sore bottom

Nadia is a 30 year old stewardess with KLM and she admits that she is quite lazy sometimes and also quite forgetfull. She really needs someone who can tan her bottom soundly when she transgresses so we will be keeping a very close eye on her behaviour.

As is usual on RLS, after the interview we let Nadia feel what lays in store for her should she misbehave, miss flights or is rude to the passengers. She was taken over the knee and she got her first spanking on her tight jeans, black panties and her bare bottom.

nadia's second spanking for being rude
to the passengers

nadia gets a bare bottom spanking with our carpetbeater and cornertime for missing a flight

Straight after her first spanking we discussed some of the things she feels she needs to be punished for and it turned out that she was rude to a passenger who wanted more then 1 drink. She was taken back over the knee and got a good spanking with our leather paddle over her pantyhose (member request) and her bare bottom. Afterwards she was told to kneel in the corner with her hands on her head (member request)

Nadia came over for her second visit and she told us that a few days ago she had missed a flight to Singapore because she overslept. We decided to give her a good bare bottom spanking with our carpetbeater (member request) She was bent over the chair, bottom was bared, and she felt the sting of our carpetbeater on her bare bottom. Afterwards she spent 30 min in the corner to reflect. In the next video she gets a sound OTK hairbrush spanking for spilling a meal on a passenger's lap.

nadia gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for spilling food


Nadia confessed to us that on a recent flight she spilled a meal on a passenger's lap. This called for a taste of the hairbrush so she was pulled over the knee, bottom bare, and she got a good spanking with our smaller hairbrush. I allways use the smaller one first and if they do it again, the Shadowlane
hairbrush is used.




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