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natalie's interview

 Natalie's first spanking

We got an email from a gorgeous little 20 year old girl named Natalie. Natalie has been fascinated by spanking for a long time but she hasn't found a strong kind man to spank her. She saw our website and she wrote us if we would please take her under our wing. Offcourse we agreed She has never been spanked before but she is very naughty and needs a strong hand regularly. That is one thing she can count on :)

After we introduced the delightfull Natalie to the members she went across my knee for her first bottom warming Afterwards I put her in the corner for a while to reflect on her behaviour. She told us that it hurt but it felt great to finally be spanked!

natalie gets a sound leather paddling for
showing up 30 min late

natalie gets soundly spanked and our punishment stool for being rude to people

Natalie has a lot to learn. For her second appointment here she showed up 30 minutes late! The little madam had missed her bus. Time for a taste of the leather paddle I had her bent over, hands on the coffee table and I paddled her bottom. Then I put her in the corner for 30 minutes and I told her no rubbing! To my suprise the little minx rubbed her bottom. I told her to get back in position and I gave her an extra pretty sound spanking for disobeying me When she was back on her knees in the corner again, she was as good as gold.

Young natalie dropped by and she confessed to me that she had been rude and bitchy to people and that she felt bad about it. As she confessed, I decided a good hand spanking across my knee
would suffice.
I gave her just that and she felt every stinging smack. Afterwards I decided that the little madam had to become closer aquinted with our dreaded punishment stool and her sore red bottom spent 10 minutes on it.


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