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 natascha's interview

 natascha's first spanking

Natascha is a beautifull shy and demure young lady of 22 who lives with her boyfriend in Belgium and she has never been spanked before. She has a habit of getting her own way, staying out late, neglecting her housework etc. Her boyfriend is not into spanking at all but he discussed it with Natascha and they both agreed that is exactly what she needs so they contacted us and when Natascha steps out of line, she is sent to us for a good spanking

Straight after her interview she was pulled over the knee and her tight jeans and bare bottom got it's first spanking ever!
She got a taste of what she can expect in the future if she doesn't behave.

We have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of her little bottom in the future

natascha gets spanked and corner time
for being late the first time

Natascha gets our leather paddle for not paying a bill on time

Natascha didn't learn much from her first spanking because a few days later she was sent to us again for not doing as she was told. To make matters worse the little madam arrived 30 minutes LATE!. So before she was punished for not behaving she was pulled across the knee and given a good spanking followed by some reflection time in the corner

After her first spanking Natascha had to show us something her boyfriend told her to bring. It was a bill she forgot to pay and they got a 50 euro fine. We decided that a 50 stroke paddling with our leather paddle was deserved so she was bent over the chair and she got 25 strokes over her white cotton panties
and 25 on her bare bottom.

 natascha gets a good hairbrush spanking
for being rude to her boss

natascha gets pour honeystick for not switching on her phone while out

Natascha's boyfriend called us and said that he overheard her on the phone to her boss and she was rather rude and disrespectfull to him. When she came to us, she agreed that a good spanking was in order. She was turned over the knee and her tight slacks and bare bottom felt the sting
of our hairbrush.

Natascha's boyfriend called us and informed us that Natascha went out the night before with a few friends and she switched off her cellphone and got home at 4 am. Her boyfriend was very worried as you can imagine so I told Natascha to pay us a visit. The little minx was bent over the arm of our couch and her bottom got a good spanking with our trusted old honeystick.


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