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 The introduction video and 
sandra's first spanking

real life spankings special
french maid spanked

We are delighted to introduce a new couple to real life 
spankings. Nick and Sandra have been active as top models for many years and they are both very much into
spanking at home. You will see a lot of them in the future as they love sharing their spankings with the members

Sandra's favourite roleplay fantasy is being a french maid getting spanked for not doing her duties properly. Well offcourse we obliged and we filmed a session with Sandra dressed up
in her very sexy french maid outfit. She gets spanked with the leather paddle for leaving a smudge on the table

 sandra gets spanked for watching
spanking videos part 1

 sandra gets the hairbrush and is sent to bed
early for watching spanking videos

Not only men love to watch spanking videos but Sandra loves to as well. She told Nick she was taking a nap and went upstairs. But instead of sleeping, she popped in a spanking DVD and played with herself and spanked herself while
watching and listening how the poor girl on the video got her bare bottom caned. Nick caught the naughty little minx and decided to give her a good spanking

In part 2 Sandra gets a good spanking with our Shadowlane hairbrush and she is sent to bed early and she cries herself to sleep

 sandra gets spanked for dressing
too sexy before going out

 sandra gets spanked in the kitchen
for walking in dirt

Nick and Sandra were getting ready to visit Nick's family and Sandra came downstairs dressed in a VERY sexy leather dress and leather thigh boots. Nick got the shock of his life and he threw her over the arm of the settee, lifted her short leather skirt and spanked her bare bottom a rosy stinging red after which she was sent back upstairs to change

When Sandra came back from visiting one of her friends, she forgot to clean her boots before going into the kitchen. Nick was not amused and bent Sandra over the stove for a good spanking. After the spanking He decided to teach her a valuable lesson and made her take all her clothes off except her boots and she had to clean the kitchen floor on herhands and knees

 sandra gets spanked for 
ruining a plant part 1

 sandra gets spanked for 
ruining a plant part 2

In this video we see Sandra get a good spanking for ruining the plants by giving them too much water with the result that one died. Nick takes her across his knee and spanks her tight jeans soundly

In part 2 Sandra's jeans and panties come down and her bare bottom is soundly spanked. Afterwards she is sent to the shops to buy a new plant with a very sore and red bottom in her tight jeans

 sandra gets soundly strapped
for being late to make dinner

sandra gets the hairbrush for
leaving the bathroom a mess

Sandra was an hour late to make dinner and Nick was not amused! She got a good strapping as soon as she got home and was sent into the kitchen to make dinner with a sore red bottom under her tight jeans skirt

When Nick came home early He found Sandra getting out of the shower. The little minx had used FOUR towels instead of one and left them on the bathroom floor. Nick marched her straight into the bedroom and on the bed gave her bare bottom a good taste of her own hairbrush. After the spanking she was put nose into the corner for a while to think about what she had done

 sandra gets a sound spanking from
mike for being rude to a photographer

sandra gets soundly paddled for keeping
mike waiting for 45 minutes

Sandra phoned us and informed us that she and Nick had broken up. That meant that she hasn't been spanked for a long time and she really misses it and needs it. Allways help a lady in distress is our moto so we decided that Mike will take over Nick's spanking duties should she be naughty or misbehave. We went to visit Sandra and she told us that during a bikini shoot, a few days prior, she showed up late and she was rude to the photographer. She felt guilty about it so we decided that an old fashioned OTK spanking was deserved followed by some time in the corner

We visited Sandra to discuss her behaviour and she ran out of Coca Cola so she told us she would run to the shops and be back in 5-10 minutes. 45 minutes later she returned informing us that she met some friends at the shops and they had something to drink!. As soon as she walked through the door, she was bent over her table and she felt the sting of our leather paddle across her naughty bottom

 sandra gets the hairbrush and cornertime
for a messy bathroom

Sandra gets soundly punished for misbehaving
during her last modelling shoot
part 1 and 2

While we were at Sandra's place we decided to check her house to see if it was properly cleaned but her bathroom was a mess again. Dirty towels on the floor etc. We took her straight into her bedroom and she got another dose of her hairbrush again. Afterwards she spent 30 minutes, nose in the corner, to think about it

When we visited Sandra to see if she behaved herself, she told us that, during her last lingerie modelling shoot for a well known magazine, she had a bit of an attitude again towards the photographer. She also arrived 10 minutes late because she had
friends over the night before and went to bed too late.
We told her to change into one of the lingerie outfits she wore during that shoot and she received a good spanking and 12 strokes of our dreaded Honeystick


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