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Nicky's first spanking

nicky gets soundly paddled for being
rude to a waiter

Nicky is only 22 years old and living in Holland. She is single and from a very early age she has been fascinated by spanking. Luckily she found our website and contacted us so we will give her the guidance she needs in her young life. She herself admits she can be ill mannered and rude and she
doesn't listen well so she will be in my office a lot I think.
She has never been spanked before

A few nights ago we took Nicky out to dinner and during dinner, she was quite rude to our waiter. I told her to report a few days later to us and when she arrived, she didn't knock, walked straight in and sat down. I dragged her outside by her ear
and taught her some manners.
I then told her to bend over a chair and I gave her bottom a sound leather paddling followed by half an hour in the corner.

Nicky returns and gets spanked

Nicky gets soundly paddled for not
getting her dishwasher fixed

It has been more then a year sice Nicky was on RLS and I was delighted when she contacted me saying she misses our discipline. I told her to come over and I put her across my knee for a long overdue spanking.

Last time Nicky was here she told me her dishwasher has been broken for a while now so I told her a few times to get it fixed. It is still under warranty so one phonecall and someone will come and fix it free of charge. when she came this time she still hadn't phoned so time for a sore bottom. I told her to kneel on the seat and I tanned her bottom soundly with my leather paddle followed by some time kneeling in the corner

Nicky soundly strapped for still not
doing what she was told


Last time I paddled Nicky for not getting her dishwashed fixed and surprise surprise when I asked her to come over again, she still hadn't done it. I am starting to think she did it on purpose :) Anyway I couldn't let it go unpunished so I told her to lie on the punishment table and I gave her a good strapping!




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