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nikita's first spanking

nikita gets a sound paddling for
not doing her evening studies

Meet the lovely 20 year old student Nikita. She is also a Dutch beauty from the South of Holland and she needs firm guidance with her studies. After her first spanking we made a study schedule for her and she better follow it or else... She has never been spanked before so obviously I didn't spank the living daylights out of her but she sure felt it As usual make her feel welcome here at RLS

IAs you remember Nikita is a student and she needs guidance so I put together a study schedule for her.Now to make sure she follows the evening schedule, she has to switchon her webcam on her PC so I can see that she is indeed studyingA few nights ago the webcam did not come online so obviously she
did not study.I called her over and I gave her a sound leather paddling followed bysome reflection time on our punishment tray




nikita gets soundly strapped for
taking a break without permisson


To make sure our new little student got some studying done, I
told her to bring her books and she could use my office to study.
Two hours studying then a 15 minute break. She agreed but 30 minutes from the start I saw her having a
smoke over by the window.
I grabbed my strap and ordered her back to the office. I told her to bare her bottom, lay over the chair, and I gave her a quick sound strapping. Then I told her to keep her bottom bare and sit at the desk and study! Which she did




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