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NINa's first spanking

NINa gets soundly strapped and
paddled for texting too much

Meet the adorable but very naughty and cheeky Nina dear members. She is a real next door girl and not a model. Nina is 27 years young and her Dom spends a lot of time abroad so they contacted us and would we please keep an eye on Nina while He is away. She gets regular maintenance spankings to keep her well behaved and of course discipline when she is naughty.I will give her the sore bottoms when he is abroad. In this video I give her her first spanking but as you can see at the end, she is cheeky! I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full with this one :) Make her feel welcome guys!

Nina's Dom phoned me and told me that Nina has sent him a huge amount of text messages within a short space of time and she refused to stop. We agreed that 24 with the leather strap over the desk and 24 with the heavy leather paddle OTK was to be her punishment. She got just that from me and another quick hard hand spanking because of her being cheeky to me again before getting her bottom in the corner.

a very sore bottom part 1 and 2

nina is single and she needs a sound spanking

As you know Nina has to report to us for regular maintenance spankings and here she is again. I put her over my knee and gave her a sound spanking. That would have been it normally but she was incredibly cheeky so I decided to put march her to the corner by her ear and call her Dom. We both decided that she will get 6 HARD whacks with the small wooden
OTK paddle, 6 with the medium wooden paddle and 6 of the cane.
Her cheekiness dissapeared soon and I sent her home with A Very Sore Bottom!

Nina and her Dom broke up so she is single again. This means that I will take over her discipline full time. When she told me the news, I noticed she was quite restless and fidgety
and that can only mean one thing. She needs a sound spanking.
I put her straight across my knee and gave her a hard spanking which left her bottom very red and sore.



Go To Sleep! part 1 and 2

nina gets soundly caned for not reporting
part 1 and 2

As you know on RLS we sometimes film a girl's fantasy as they really enjoy that and today we present one of Nina's fantasies. She plays a niece staying with her Uncle Mike and she refuses to go to sleep. She fantasizes about being spanked in her pyjamas at bedtime. When she refuses to go to sleep after Uncle Mike's warning, he puts her across his knee on the bed and gives her a sound spanking. He puts her to bed but a while later he catches her texting her friends
so he takes off his belt, and gives her a sound thrashing!
I hope you enjoy this fantasy as much as Nina did :) And me!

As you know, to make sure the girls behave themselves, they have to report to us regularly. Failure to do so means a very sore bottom. Nina forgot on a few occasions so I decided it's time for sterner measures. The cane! I gave her a sound caning and I had to use my heavy wooden hairbrush as well because she would not keep still. She left with a very very sore, well caned and spanked bottom but I get her reports on a daily basis now.



nina gets severely spanked for
not checking her emails

nina gets a hard belting for not
seeing my last email

Nina is one of those girls who checks her emails when SHE feels like it. This got out of hand the last few weeks so I decided to give her a proper spanking for that so that she will check her emails every day like the rest of us. We will see if it worked 

Well the last spanking obviously didn't have the desired effect because she missed one of my emails. You are probably thinking she did it on purpose and you are probably right
but I must take sterner measures so I thought a good hard belting is in order.
Bent over my desk I belted her bottom good and proper till it was a fiery red and stinging like the Dickens!

bratty graffiti
part 0ne and two


The girls know if they want a very very sore bottom, act bratty around me. This is excatly what Nina did. I went to my car and someone had written "Big Fat Meanie" on my windscreen in red lipstick Next to the car I noticed a white cap that looked like it could fit on a lipstick so I confronted Nina with it upstairs and surprise, I found a lipstick in her purse on which the cap fitted. I took her to one of our punishment rooms and made her lay flat on the bed. I took one of my wooden paddles and paddled her soundly. When I repeatedly told her to apologize, she refused so I placed her in the corner. I then used our old Honeystick on her bare bottom untill she said sorry. I finished off with the cane






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