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patricia is interviewed and gets her first

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Some of you will recognize Patricia from our new site www.spanked-in-uniform.com During the SIU shoots she told us that in real life she is a real tomboy.A wild thing as it were and she needs guidance on how to behave like a proper
24 year old lady not some rebel that does what she likes.
So that is how she ended up here.It will be a long and hard road to travel but we are adament that through strict discipline and plenty of spankings, we will see a proper little lady soon. As per tradition Patricia is interviewd and she goes across the knee for the first time.

This is the tale of the terrible trio (say that quickly after 5 beers :) I told our little tomboy Patricia to come over so I can see if she has done as she was told. To dress like a lady and behave like one She showed up wearing jeans and still behaving like a tomboy so I put her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I noticed movement outside the window and I saw Stacey and Sammie staring through the window watching Patricia's spanking. I ordered them inside and I gave both little voyeurs a long sound spanking. Then I finished Patricia's spanking and put the terrible trio in the corner




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