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jennifer's first spanking

jennifer gets a sound thrashing with the carpetbeater for forgetting sugar in paul's coffee

We at Real Life Spankings are proud to present and very delighted to introduce a new couple which will be joining our group of close friends. They are Paul and Jennifer. In real life Paul and Jennifer have a light BDSM spanking relationship and Paul spanks Jennifer if she does something wrong which is quite often :)

Shortly after jennifer's first spanking she was ordered to bring Paul a cup of coffee and after presenting it nicely in the way she was taught, Paul tasted that there was no sugar in it!. Paul ordered her into the corner while We decided a good dose of the carpetbeater was needed. She was bent over the back of a chair and her bare bottom was a nice shade of  stinging red when Paul had finished with the carpetbeater. She was sent back into the corner again while we finished our coffees

 jennifer gets a sound hairbrush
spanking for not doing the dishes
for 2 days!

jennifer gets soundly caned for
ruining paul's shirt

The second time Paul and Jennifer visited us Jennifer was dressed in a schoolgirl type outfit and the reason for that was that she hadn't done the dishes at home for 2 days!

Paul had seen our wooden hairbrush being used in other videos so He decided that was exactly what her bottom needed.  Jennifer had a very sore bottom when the spanking was finished let Me tell you!

While ironing at home Jeniffer wasn't paying much attention with the result that she burnt a hole in Paul's favourite shirt. We decided that a good caning is a good punishment. Paul gave her a good 24 stroke bare bottom caning with 2 canes He bought with him. Before the caning she had to stand in the corner with the implement she was to be punished with firmly pressed against her bottom


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