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paula's interview

paula's first spanking and cornertime

Paula is a 23 year old Brazilian beauty living in Holland and she is actually one of Erica's clients. By chance she overheard Me giving erica a sound spanking and she feels that she could use someone who could curb her excessive spending. We agreed and Paula is now part of our website..

After we introduced Paula to the members I took her across My knee and gave her her first spanking. First over her tight jeans, then those came down and her bare bottom got it's share of stinging smacks. Afterwards we put her in the corner to think about her spending.

paula gets a sound leather paddling for buying lingerie

paula gets a sound otk spanking for spending too much on hairdressers

What is it with women and lingerie? First Simpa and now Paula! When I inspected Paula's bank statements, while I made her stand in the corner, I saw that she had bought lingerie at 3 different shops. I bent her over the desk and gave her bottom her first taste of the leather paddle. Afterwards I put her in the corner again for 95 minutes because that is the amount she spent on lingerie.

When I went through Paula's statements I noticed that our young Brazilian madam goes to the hairdressers every few weeks and as we all know when women go to the hairdressers, they sit there for hours and it costs a LOT of money! I told her that she has to ask permission first if she wants to go in the future and to make sure she will remember, I put her across my knee and gave her a good hand spanking followed by 95 minutes in the corner. Because that is what her last hair appointment cost.

paula gets a sound spanking on the desk with
the table tennis bat for buying shoes

paula asks for a stinging bottom to keep her good for a while and she gets a sound bare bottom birching

During the 95 minutes Paula had to spend in the corner after her last spanking I found another purchase in her bank statements.  The little madam had bought 160 Euro shoes is The Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. Time for another sore bottom!. I scolded her again and told her to lay flat on the desk and I took our table tennis bat and gave her a long sound spanking with it. Then I sent her home with a sore bottom under her short jeans skirt. Or so I thought.........

After Paula got her last spanking she suprised me by coming back an hour later. She asked me if I would give her a proper stinging bottom to keep her in line for a while so I decided a taste of the birch on her bare bottom was appropriate. Kneeling on a chair her bare bottom felt the unique sting of our birch and she left with a proper stinging bottom under her short jeans skirt. She phoned me later that day and thanked me again, It was JUST what she needed!

paula gets another good spanking for
over spending again

paula gets a sound paddling and our punishment stool for over spending again!!

Our Brazilian beauty Paula is back dear members. She is now a single mum but as they say old habits die hard and the little
madam is still spending too much money on clothes and the like.
Especially in these uncertain economic times that can be dangerous so she contacted us again to help her with a firm hand to control her spending behaviour. I took her across my knee and gave her a good hand spanking. The first of many I am sure. It was quite a shock to her system having her bottom spanked again but it was just what the doctor ordered she told me afterwards.

Some habits are hard to break and with Paula it is spending money on clothes and shoes it seems. When I inspected her bank statements again, I found quite a few purchases she didn't ask permission for. Time for another sore bottom. After she arrived I made her sit alone in our living room for a while staring at the leather paddle I placed on our coffee
After getting a scolding from me she was on her hands and knees on our coffee table getting her Brazilian bottom soundly tanned with my leather paddle. After the paddling I thought 30 minutes on our punishment stool was needed. She hated the stool but that is why it is so effective!

paula gets a sound spanking for needing
to lose weight and eating junk food

paula gets a sound hairbrush spanking for gaining weight

Paula asked me nervously if I would help her lose weight. We don't think she is fat at all but she is not happy with her figure. She eats too much junk food so she needs a firm hand to control her eating habits. I put her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I put her on the scale and weighed her. 56.9 KG I gave her a good diet book and she will be back in a week and we will weigh her again.

After the last video in which Paula was spanked for eating junkfood and gaining weight I asked our members to tell me in the forum what they think Paula should get if she gained more weight. The hairbrush won by a clear margin  When paula came to us, we weighed her and she had gained half a kilogram!! Over my knee she went, up went her skirt and her luscious Brazialian bottom got a sound spanking with our wooden hairbrush.

paula returns and she gets an immediate

paula gets a sound leather paddling for
missing a few dutch classes

We were quite delighted when Paula phoned us out of the blue saying that she needed a firm hand again. She has trouble losing weight and she started a Dutch language course but
she misses too many classes.
Time for fatty to leap into action :) She came over and before she knew what was happening she was over my knee getting an immediate, getting back in the fold, spanking

Paula being from Brazil is taking Dutch language classes. Now it has become apparent that our little Brazilian beauty has been
missing quite a few classes recently so time for another sore bottom.
As this is the second spanking in a long time I decided to have her kneel on a chair and I gave her a good spanking with my trusty leather paddle. Afterwards her sore red bottom made contact for the first time with our much hated and dreaded punishment stool. She had to sit on it for an hour which she hated!

paula gets a sound spanking for
not following her diet

paula gets a sound trestle punishment
for not listening to me

As you remember Paula wants to lose weight and we are helping her with that. When she came over, I weighed her and she was 500 grams overweight. Nothing serious but still enough reason to lay the little madam over my knee and spank her soundly. I put her in the corner and I gave her some simple healthy recipes to take home with her. No excuses next time!

Some girls just need that little extra to start listening and obeying. After a few spankings Paula did still not attend classes and she did not follow her diet. I decided it was time for a more serious punishment. I told her to lay over our punishment trestle and I turned her bottom a fiery red with my strap, heavy leather paddle and a few with the dreaded honeystick. Afterwards she was on her knees in the corner with a very sore bottom.


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