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peggy's interview and first spanking

fpeggy gets a sound leather paddling for staying out far too late

Dear spankos! Allow Me to introduce the latest naughty girl who has joined our circle of discipline Meet 26 year old Peggy. She is single and she lives in Holland. She has Spanish blood in her and she is very naughty and needs a firm hand which we will provide. She is interviewed and she gets her first spanking

Just a few days after her first spanking the little madam stayed out far too late so I told her to come over. She showed up wearing a little girl outfit thinking it would make me go easy on her. Wrong! I bent her over and she got a sound leather paddling


peggy gets a sound spanking and our
punishment stool for double dating


Call Me old fashioned but I believe if one is dating then you date one girl or guy and if that doesn't work out, you move to the next one. Peggy doesn't think so and she told Me that she dates 2 boys at the same time all the time. I will not have that so over My knee she went and I gave her a good spanking. Then her bottom felt the punishment stool for the first time and you can see by her reactions that she hated that!





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