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rani's first spanking

rani gets a sound paddling for lying
about a party

Meet 33 year old RaniRani is recently divorced and since her divorce she has been going off therails as it were. Naughty parties, swinging clubs, etc.Now she needs someone to keep her in line so here she is I am going to be very strict with her

Rani asked me if she could go to a party and she said it was a normal party nothing wild or erotic. I gave her permission to go but I found out that it was a wild party so I told her to come over. After a good scolding I made her lay over my desk and I gave her a sound leather paddling. Then I took her by the ear to my spanking chair and made her kneel on it for an hour.



rani gets a sound pre=party spanking
and birching part 1 and 2

cory and rani part 1 to 6

Rani came to me and asked if she could go to a naughty party where the girls wear very short skirts. I agreed she could go but on one condition. That I give her a sound spanking and a birching first to make sure her bottom is very red the whole night and that way she will behave herself. As we all know a sore botttom keeps a girl out of mischief. She hated the idea but she agreed

A few days ago I told Rani and Cory to come over so I could discipline them. Rani had not paid her taxes on time and Cory's flat was a total mess again Rani arrived and my wife called if I could pick her up from the station so I told Rani to let Cory in, give her something to drink, and I would be
back in 30 min or so.
Little did I know that Rani had other plans for Cory. She told her that I told Rani to give Cory a warm up spanking. Cory thought she had no choice but agree and Rani took Cory over her knee. As if I wouldn't notice!. I returned, took the girls upstairs, and when I was about to spank Cory, I saw her red bottom. I then gave Cory my leather paddle and she paddled Rani which was
very humiliating for her. Just what she deserved.
Then they got their proper punishments from me. I gave them the leather paddle first followed by a sound hand spanking
then they went into the corner for a while and over my desk for a dose of the heavy strap and the dreaded Stinger.
I finished off with something new. I told them to kneel bare bottomed on our punishment stools, hands on the floor, for 30 min and then I strapped them in that position. They went home with very sore stinging red bottoms.





rani gets punished for pole dancing
and partying part 1 and 2

rani gets soundly paddled for
naughty skyping

It has been a while since Rani was here but she is back because she misses the discipline and guidance. She told me that she started pole dancing without permission and
of course the little madam has been partying like it's 1999
I gave her a sound OTK spanking followed by a sound Tawsing And some old fashioned corner time in between

I found out that Rani spent a few hours on Skype "chatting" to a few men Now normally that would not be a problem but she behaved like a porn webcam model and was very naughty indeed! I decided to put her across my knee and tan her bottom soundly with my trusty old leather paddle. Then she got to experience our punishment tray for the first time.




rani gets soundly strapped and spanked
for naughty skyping again


Rani was at it again dear members. She was naughty Skyping again Her excuse was that she knew the bloke so she thought I would be ok with that. She quickly found out that I wasn't and she was soon laying over our trestle getting her ample bottom soundly strapped. Then I tried something diferent which she hated I told her to sit on the trestle, bottom hanging over the back and I spanked her this way. She had to remain seated on the hard surface of the trestle for one hour!





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