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RUBY's first spanking

RUBY gets a sound paddling
for webcamming

The lovely 24 year old Ruby has joined RLS. She is originally from Surinam and living in Holland. She is a very naughty young lady and instead of looking for a job, she
does naughty webcam and modelling work which she feels bad about.
She needs help and I will give it to her. I will help her find employment but the webcam and photo work has to stop. As per tradition I put her across my knee and gave her her first spanking

As I am keeping an eye on Ruby with her naughty adventures online, it did not surprise me that the other night I saw her webcamming with a few of her fans. I phoned her the next morning and told her to come over. After scolding her I placed 2 chairs back to back and told her to kneel on them. Her lovely bottom then got a good taste of my trusty old leather paddle
and I put her in the corner for an hour.




RUBY gets soundly punished for posting
naughty pics online


Our little dark skinned beauty is in trouble again dear members. I was surfing the net and found a few very naughty pictures of her and as you remember, I forbid her to do that. When she came over, I took her to our little punishment room with the massage table and I gave her a sound strapping and a good taste of my trusted heavy leather paddle. Then I took her to one of our large empty spaces and I put her  in the corner for a full hour





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