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samantha's first spanking

samantha soundly paddled for not
sending me her cv

Meet the lovely 23 year old Samantha Samantha has just finished her studies at university and now she has to
apply for work but the little madam is quite lazy so she asked us for help
She has never been spanked before but she wants to try this old fashioned style of discipline and we are glad to help

They never learn do they? Or at least take my initial warnings seriously When I tell you to send me your CV so I can look at it and possibly improve on it, I expect it to be sent! Samantha obviously didn't so she was soon back in my office, bent over
feeling my trusty old leather paddle George




jolene and samantha get soundly punished
part 1, 2 and 3

samantha soundly punished for buying too
much booze for christmas part 1, 2 and 3

It has been almost a year since Jolene visited us and had her bottom spanked and that is way too long so it was high time for me to punish her soundly. Samantha neglected to email me at all since her last visit so I thought it would be a good experience for her to be punished together with another girl. I first put both of them together over my knees and spanked them soundly followed by some time on our punishment stools. Then I placed them kneeling on 2 chairs facing each other while I used my
trusty leather paddle on their bottoms
Then I finished their punishment session by giving each of them a sound
carpet beating

Some of you might say: WHAT? One can never have enough booze! I agree but when the young lady in question walks around intoxicated and even when I phone her, she went too far. Time for a pre Christmas punishment session. I started of by giving her a sound OTK spanking, then a good strapping and I finished off with a good belting.




samantha soundly spanked for not
applying for a job part 1 and 2


As you remember we sorted out her CV and it was now up to her to atually send it out and start applying for a job. Did she? Of course not. She is a lazy little madam as she herself admits. Time for another hot and sore little bum. I gave her a stand-up spanking followed by some time on our punishment stool end then I gave her a sound OTK bare bottom carpet beating and the small wooden paddle. She left with a VERY sore and hot bottom.









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