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sammie is interviewed and gets her first

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The cuteness level on RLS has jumped up by 10 points We were delighted when one of Stacey's best friend Sammie contacted us and she wants to be part of the site. Sammie is a very cute and lively 21 year old who is fascinated by spanking
and hearing about Stacey's discipline she wants and needs it too.
But I must warn you Sammie is very very naughty and playfull but I am sure you will adore her as much as we do. She is just so much fun to have around But I am going to be strict with her because this girl is going te get into lots
of trouble I am sure!

This is the tale of the terrible trio (say that quickly after 5 beers :) I told our little tomboy Patricia to come over so I can see if she has done as she was told. To dress like a lady and behave like one She showed up wearing jeans and still behaving like a tomboy so I put her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I noticed movement outside the window and I saw Stacey and Sammie staring through the window watching Patricia's spanking. I ordered them inside and I gave both little voyeurs a long sound spanking. Then I finished Patricia's spanking and put the terrible trio in the corner



the punishment afternoon 
four parts uploaded

the spanking week day one, two, three and four

Sammie and Stacey are in serious trouble members. They asked me if they could go to a Rave party in Rotterdam but I said no as those parties are quite wild. They disobeyed me and went anyway which warrants a sound punishment. I also gave them the order to sit at their desks at home on their bare bottoms and write out 100 times: I must obey my disciplinarian. They didn't do them I remembered the session I gave to Haley and Susan many years ago so I
decided something similar was well deserved.
I first made them change into 2 very humiliating little girl punishment
outfits and then they both got:

* A sound OTK first spanking

* Plenty of cornertime

* Writing lines and a paddling

* Sound strapping over the trestle

* The punishment stool

* Sound birching laying on the coffee table while writing lines

* The heavy leather paddle

* A sound OTK hairbrush spanking to finish the afternoon

As you know the girls have to regularly report to me and Sammie didn't do so for a whole week! She didn't respond to my emails, phone calls, text messages, MSN messages etc. When I went to visit her, her house was a total disaster. She hadn't cleaned it for a week.

As she kept me waiting for a whole week. and not cleaning for a week, I decided to give her a spanking week. She came for the first time on Tuesday so there were 4 sessions till Friday 

Every day she had to report at 14:00 sharp

The first day I gave her a sound hand spanking followed by cornertime

On day 2 I gave her a sound strapping laying on and over our table followed by more cornertime

On day 3 I made her change into a French maids uniform and she had to clean the entire office. She got 3 leather paddlings that day

On day 4 I gave her a sound hairbrush spanking followed a a few strokes of the cane and the last cornertime



staying over part one to six

sammie gets a sound maintenance Spanking

Amy and Sammie had to come over to be spanked because they had misbehaved again. Sammie had missed her train and I had to wait an hour for her Amy opened RLS on her boyfriend's business laptop and his boss at work saw that so she will be punished. I gave them both a sound OTK leather paddling but then, when I was going to take them back to the station, the weather had turned and it was unsafe to drive so I told them they could spend the night I got them pyjamas and douvets and they spent the night on our couch (we are renovating upstairs) At 7 the next morning I was rudely awakened by the sound of girls playing and spanking each other. I dashed downstairs and put both of them across my knee for a good spanking Then I gave them both a sound bare bottom strapping and I finished off with a hard wooden paddle I don't do mornings! :)

When Sammie came over to say hi, I noticed in her eyes and the way she behaved that it wouldn't be long before she was back to be spanked for something really naughty. I decided to give her a maintenace spanking so she will behave for a while. Over my knee she went and I gave her a firm bottom warming.




sammie gets soundly punished fcycling into the canal part 1 and 2

sammie gets a sound hairbrush spanking
for being rude to a train conductor

Some of the reasons why I punish the girls just makes me smile. This is one of them. Our cheecky little Sammie went out a few nights ago in Utrecht, had too much fun and got on her bike in her state and cycled right into the canal! Luckily there were people there who hepled her out and she was not hurt appart from a few bruises. I could not let this go unpunished so she was ordered over and I gave her
a sound belting and a sound bare bottom birching

Sammie has really been naughty these few weeks hasn't she? This time I found out that the little madam got into an argument
with a train conductor and she was quite rude and cheeky to him.
I try and teach my girls to have respect for their elders so I had to give Sammie a good spanking with the hairbrush. When her nose touched the corner, she was the owner of a very
very sore and stinging bottom.



sammie and liesje part 1, 2 and 3

sammie and liesje in trouble
again part 1, 2 and 3

I called Sammie over to discuss her behaviour and the little madam overslept again and was two hours late. Over my knee she went and when I was tanning her bottom but good,
Liesje showed up totally out of the blue wanting a spanking.
As soon as I finished with Sammie, I put her across my knee
and gave her a good spanking.
Sammie was put in the corner during Liesje's spanking and I told her to remain there while Liesje and I enjoyed a cup of coffee downstairs. You would think this was the end but no... When we came back upstairs, the little minx was sitting behind my desk chatting away. I gave Sammie a sound bare bottom leather paddling and she was put on one of our dreaded punishment stools. I put Liesje on one as well towards the end so she can feel what it is like should she deserve time on it

What happens a lot on RLS is that when I punish girls together, they usually end up as good friends and partners in crime as it were. This is the case with Sammie and Liesje After their last punishment, they became friends and went out a few nights painting the town red and being very naughty. Well now it's time for me to paint their bottoms red! I gave them both a sound hand spanking followed by a good dose of the hairbrush and I finished with a sound bare bottom birching.



sammie and amy soundly punished for
a one hour wait. part 1 to 4

sammie gets soundly punished for smoking
in a pub and getting kicked out! Part 1 to 3

Sammie contacted me again and she wanted to come over because she misses the discipline. At the same time Amy emailed me that she needs a spanking so I thought well those two are friends and they live close by each other so come together by train. I said 12:00 Am and at 12:30 no sign of them, I drove back to the office and at 13:00 I got a phone call the little madams were at the station! What was supposed to be a spanking for both turned into a punishment session with two sound hand spankings and a strapping for both

Sammie came to us with a tale of woe dear members. The little rebel went to a pub and decided to smoke which, as we all know, is illegal and when the owner told her to stop, she continued. The result being that he threw her out of the pub. I decided to give her one of my special stop smoking spankings,
a sound bare bottom strapping and a sound OTK bare bottom birching.
This punishment is in three parts





sammie's punishment afternoon part 1 and 2


Most of you must have seen the Punishment Afternoon session we did a few years ago with Sammie and Stacey. That had such good results on both their behaviours that I decided it
was time for Sammie to get another Punishment Afternoon because laziness is getting out of hand with this girl.
First I told her to put on a schoolgirl uniform and to go to one of our punishment rooms. I started off with giving her a sound hand spanking and then to sit on one of our Punishment stools and write out 100 times: I must not be lazy. The second punishment she got was a sound bare bottom strapping and more line writing on the stool Thirdly I gave her a sound OTK thrashing with my new small but very stingy carperbeater followed by a lenghty time kneeling on our Punishment Tray









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