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sara's interview and first spanking

sara's first spanking and cornertime

My name is Sara and I a single girl 22 years old from Holland. My best friend Angel has told (and shown me) how spanking really works for her and that she feels much better and protected almost. That is a feeling I wanted as well so after much hesitation I went to see Sir Mike and now He "takes care" of me as well. And that means lots of spankings because I am not what you would call a "good girl " :) It is ever so exciting though and I do feel lots better

As is tradition here on RLS after her interview she went across My knee for her first spanking and afterwards some time in the corner.

sara gets a sound leather paddling and our
punishment stool for forgetting to email me

sara gets a sound warning spanking to
watch her credit card expenses

Some girls are off to a rocky start. Sara is one of them. I told her after her first spanking to email me every day so we can keep a close eye on her behaviour well for 4 days we heard nothing. Time for the leather paddle. Bent over our trestle I gave her, still a bit marked form her first spanking, bottom a sound leather paddling. Then her sore bottom became aquinted with our dreaded punishment stool for 25 painfull minutes. Since that paddling I have received daily emails like clockwork.

After I gave Angel a severe spanking for buying the gold chain without permission she told Me that Sara is not too carefull with her credit card as well. Well to make sure that Sara learns to be responsible with her expenses I gave her a sound hand spanking across My knee and some time in the corner to know and feel what will happen if she spends money she
doesn't really have.



sara gets a sound spanking for being cheeky at her latest siu shoot

sara gets strapped and birched in the diaper
position for oversleeping

Over at spanked in uniform we have a lot of fun during a shoot but the girls know very well that I am ALWAYS their disciplinarian so if they don't listen or are cheeky, they know I will spank them on RLS. Such was the case with Sara. During her last SIU shoot she was cheeky again and again so I promised her a good RLS spanking and here it is. Over My knee she got her bottom spanked and an hour in the corner

What a lazy little minx! She overslept a few times again so I thought as she loves to lay down then she can lay down in the diaper position for me while I strap and birch her bottom soundly. This was the first time she got spanked in that position and she hated it. Afterwards her nose got a close view of our corner again.

sara gets soundly spanked for annoying me
with her mobile


As many of you I hate it when people constantly text and phone on their mobile phones in company or public. Sara is one of those text addicts. When she was here she constantly was texting her friends and after a few warnings I put my foot on the coffee table, threw the little madam over my left knee and gave her a jolly good spanking! Then I took away her phone and had her sit on her red well spanked bottom for the remainder of her visit. For those who hate mobiles, DO try this at home! 




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