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MASIE DEE and satine part 1 and 2

MASIE and satine get soundly paddled for
not sending proof of their clean flat
part 1 and 2

Masie suprised us by bringing one of her best friends over. Meet the lovely 21 year old Satine!. Make her feel welcome She comes to Holland regularly and she is in dire need of discipline as well so she is now part of our team. Satine stays with Masie when she is here and Masie told us that she
doesn't help around the house etc.
In part one I give Satine her first spanking but then it became clear that
Masie hadn't shown Satine at all how to help around the house so it was only fair that I spank Masie as well.
Both girls left with very red and sore bottoms. Untill the next time that is....

As you have seen in the last Masie and Satine video, I told them to email me pictures of their clean flat so I can see that they did actually clean. I never got any pictures so I decided to give them both a sound leather paddling




MASIE DEE and satine spark get spanked for
forgetting the clocks were put one
hour forward. part 1 and 2


The two lovely girls Masie Dee and Satine Spark were booked to come for a SIU shoot but when I arrived at the station to pick them up, no girls. One hour later the two madams showed up totally surprised and it was clear that they had forgotten that that night the clocks were put forward one hour. They had forgotten to set their mobiles I told them both to bare their bottoms and face the wall for one hour as they kept me waiting for one hour. Then I gave them both a good spanking






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