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scarlett's first spanking

scarlett sound paddling for not
emailing us

The unbelievably cute and gorgeous Scarlett contacted us and she needs discipline in her young life. She is only 20 and she has just started living on her own which means the usual. Late nights, too much drinking, no responsibilities etc. Of course we can help her with that. She was quite surprised that after her interview, she was spanked. The spanking sure was needed as no one had ever so much as smacked her bum. She has been fascinated by spanking since a very early age and she can also be seen on SIU where she plays a very cute and naughty
schoolgirl. One of her all time fantasies

Not long after her first spanking our adorable but forgetfull little Scarlett was back again standing in front of my desk. I gave her instructions to email us regularly but she didn't. Before I scolded her, I told her to sit on her bare bottom so she was aware
of her bottom.
Then I told her to pull out a chair and kneeling and bending over it,  I gave her a sound leather paddling. Nose in the corner after that and I can happilly report that her
emails arrive like clockwork from now on.





scarlett and jolene get soundly
spanked for missing their train
part 1 and 2

spank me! part 1 and 2

I ordered Scarlett and Jolene to pay us a visit to discuss their behaviour and as they live close to each other, they took the same train. Unfortunatelly for their bottoms they missed the train! We decided to try out a new spanking position with two chairs and the second girl has to hold the spankee's legs. That way they are close to the bottom getting spanked and knowing that they are getting the same, works well Both girls got a sound spanking in this position and were sent in the

Spanking is not all strict discipline and can be a big turn on
as you will see in this session
Scarlett and Jolene dropped by for a coffee and little did I know what these naughty minxes had in store for me. I needed to go to the bathroom first and when I went up to the office, the girls were nowhere to be found. I looked around our building, calling them, but nothing and then I heard: Oh Sir, Sir! coming from my office. When I entered I was confronted by two bare bottoms on which they had witten: SPANK ME! Quite obvious that they were in the mood for a spanking and I gave it to them. After I spanked them while bending over, I put each of them across my knee and continued. Both girls got very turned on and were both very wet. This will answer the question some members asked me if the girls like getting spanked. Some cetainly do :)



milena and scarlett are back and they
get a sound spanking part 1 AND 2

milena and scarlett get soundly punished
for misbehaving at a party part 1 AND 2

Please welcome back Milena dear members. She has been running wild for one and a half years now and finally she is back because Scarlett told her she was getting too wild MIlena agreed and they both visited us. I put them both over my knee and gave them a long overdue,  well deserved spanking.

When i was surfing the net I came across a series of pics taken at a end of the year party and I noticed Milena and Scarlett were in the pics behaving very badly. They were frolicking and kissing each other and doing other naughty things for which they must have known they were going to be punished
Well they most certainly did. I gave them both a hard paddling with my table tennis bat, corner time on their knees, and a good paddling to finish off with.





naughty during our holiday part 1 and 2

scarlett and leandra part 1 to 4

Quite a few members were wondering who will misbehave and get spanked while we were on our last holiday. Well this time it was Julie and Scarlett. Julie decided to change her haircolour which can be washed out quickly apparently which is good. Scarlett had a few parties that got out of hand. I spanked them both soundly with our table tennis bat and hand

It has been a while since Scarlett and Leandra were here but if you think those two little minxes have been behaving themselves, you are sorely mistaken. Last weekend they went to a party, got drunk and at 3 am they decided to
walk home by themselves which is obviously dangereous (Amsterdam)
I told them to come over and I spanked, birched, strapped and belted them soundly





scarlett returns for a maintenance spanking

sidney's first spanking part 1 and 2

I got a direct message on Twitter from Scarlett teling me that she has been rather naughty and before she gets out of hand, would I please give her a sound spanking. Of course I obliged and the naughty madam was soon over my knee getting her delightfull bottom soundly spanked

Our lovely and ever so naughty Scarlett told us she has a naughty friend who needs discipline. Meet the lovely 19 year old Sidney. Sidney is still in her last year at school and as you can guess she had to do a few years over as she is lazy and a bit of a party girl. Well if her parents and her school cannot control her and put her back on the straight and narrow, I will! I gave her her first ever spanking and of course I had to spank Scarlett as well in part two for misbehaving herself while she was in London What a surprise! :)


sidney19_1.jpg (371917 bytes)

sidney_scar2.jpg (123947 bytes)

sidney_scar2.jpg (123947 bytes)


scarlett soundly punished for misbehaving
on new year's eve part 1 and 2

scarlett soundly spanked for getting
seven parking tickets part 1 and 2

The second little minx to get punished for misbehaving on new year's eve this year is Scarlett I will spare you all the details but she needs a very sore bottom. A sound spanking and a strapping she got and she left with a very sore bottom

Yes you read that correctly. Scarlett managed to get SEVEN parking tickets in the same street! Time for me to take action. I started with a nice warm-up hand spanking followed by a sound
strapping and then on her knees in the corner for 77 minutes.
After the cornertime she was told to kneel on the bed and I gave her a sound bare bottom belting. To finish this punishment I ordered her into the diaper position and with my small wooden paddle, I mad sure she learned her lesson.




jentina and scarlett discipine session
- 11.10.2016 -  part 1 to 4

  scarlett and jolene return
part 1 and 2

Jentina and Scarlett were very disobedient and naughty so it was time for a discipline session with bottoms red and sore. I part one I got Jentina to soundly spank Scarlett and she got her revenge in part two. Then I took over and gave them both a sound spanking with the necessary time on the hard punishment stools as well This session is in 4 parts. Enjoy!

    Our two little minxes Scarlett and Jolene are back dear members.Remember them? Well after I punished them a few years ago, I saw on twitter that they did a few " naughty shoots" together. Time for them to return for a red and sore bottom as you would agree. In part one and two I soundly spanked each of them over my knee while the other one nervously had to watch, bottom bare and trembling. In part three and four My wife Kelly took a gymshoe to their bare bottoms as they laid over the desk. Let's hope the lesson is learned this time....





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