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sharon's interview and first spanking

sharon gets a sound leather paddling and cornertime for lying

As we all know girls share everything with their closest friends and Stacy has lots of friends. One of them is 21 yr old Sharon Stacy told her everything about us and the discipline she gets and Sharon was very intrigued and fascinated to the point that she wanted to come as well. We were delighted offcourse :) Sharon is a cute tall brunette and single. She is quite lazy and lies a lot she told us. Before I gave Sharon her first spanking I gave Stacy a good spanking because when we were in Tenerife, the little madam was quite cheeky in the MSN chat
thinking her bottom was safe so many miles away.
Sharon watched Stacy's spanking and enjoyed it very much. After I gave Stacy her spanking I took Sharon across my knee and her virgin bottom got it's first spanking. She has never been spanked before

When Sharon came for her second visit she told me that she had told one or two little lies and that she needed to be punished for that. As is tradition I decided to give her a leather paddling bent over, hands on our coffee table. Her bottom turned red and sore very quickly as she is not used to having her bottom spanked and it hurt like the Dickens. After the spanking it was hands on head, bottom bare in the corner for her and she went home with a very sore bottom. Stacy phoned me a few hours later telling me that Sharon went straight to Stacy's place and that she was suprised how much it hurt but that she  was very turned on. Naughty girl! 


sharon and stacy get a sound hairbrush spanking and the punishment stool for being late for an important photo shoot


Stacy and Sharon were asked to model for a Japanese car company and the two naughty lazy minxes showed up late! The Japanese were not amused and money was lost. I decided to give them both the hairbrush for the first time and they both went across my knee and got soundly spanked. After the spanking I had them place their sore red well spanked bottoms on the punishment stools to drive the lesson home. I am happy to report that these two have been on time for every job since they got these spankings.




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