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sheila and amber interview

sheila and amber get their first spanking

We are Sheila and Amber. I am 21 and Amber is 24 We live in the heart of Amsterdam and we are wild girls from the wild city as Mike calls us. Which is true. We are lovers and we live together We are both very naughty and we have tried spanking each other but none of us is a real spanker so we saw all those lovely red sore bottoms on this site and we thought HE would be perfect to keep us in line and boy oh boy DOES HE! mmmm We hope to meet a lot of you in the member section and maybe in Amsterdam if you are ever over here.

After the interview as is tradition on the site, both girls went across the knee and they both got a good spanking so they know what will happen to their bottoms if they do not behave themselves 

sheila and amber both get soundly spanked for borrowing each other's clothes without asking

sheila and amber both get sound slipperings and one hour cornertime for fondling each other in public

When the girls visited us the last time, Amber told me that Sheila is allways taking her clothes without asking and that I should spank her for that. I took Sheila over my knee and gave her firm bottom a jolly good spanking. Halfway through her spanking whilst wriggling across my knee, she blurted out
that Amber took her clothes too so Amber was next.!
Amber went across my knee and, whilst Sheila held her hands, I spanked her soundly too.

Sheila and Amber were coming over and I quickly dashed out to do a little shopping and when I came back imagine my reaction when I saw sheila and Amber openly fondling each other outside near our house. Apparently they got so turned on knowing they were coming to see me, and most likely end up with sore bottoms, they decided to relieve some sexual tension by fondling each other before hand. Well they got what they were fantasising about dear members! I took one of Sheila's very stinging slippers and tanned their bottoms soundly with it. I also slippered them in a new position I thought up. Quite effective I thought. After the slipperings I had them kneeling in the corner for a full hour!

sheila and amber get a sound spanking with the carpet beater for not cleaning their flat


As you know I sometimes visit the girls without warning to see if they are behaving themselves and a few days ago I visited Sheila and Amber and my Lord their flat was a total disaster! I told them to come to our home asap and I had them kneel up on our coffeetable and I gave their bottoms a good long spanking with my carpetbeater. To make them learn the lesson properly I finished of the spanking with a good hand spanking. After that noses in the corner for those 2 little madams!

When I was driving home through one of the picturesque little villages nearby I was totally suprised when I saw Sheila and Amber walking by the side of the road. They were supposed to be at work! I picked the girls up and they confessed that they had taken the day of work telling their boss that they were ill. Well it was a nice day out, still cold though but the sun was shining, so a perfect oppertunity to take the two little madams out in the woods and give them their spankings in the cool outdoors. I had them bend over the bonnet of the car and their bottoms got a jolly good spanking. Afterwards I took them straight back to work.

sheila and amber get a sound switching in a corn field for stealing corn

sheila and amber get soundly spanked with our wooden spoon for being too lazy to cook

Sheila and Amber showed up and gave me a bag of corn as a present. Now I like corn as much as the next guy but I noticed that the corn was not like you buy at your local supermarket. After questioning them about it, they told me that they had picked them in a local cornfield. That is theft! I took them both back to the cornfield and made them bend over, bottoms bare, while I picked a switch for their bottoms. Then I warmed their bottoms up with a good hand spanking and I switched their bare bottoms soundly out there in the chilly wheather.

Sheila and Amber are back again for a good spanking. When I visited them the other day I noticed that there were junk food
wrappings every where and upon questioning them about it, it became obvious that this terrible duo are just to lazy to cook!
Well, as this is a kitchen offence, I decided to give them both the wooden spoon for the first time. On their hands and knees they both felt the sting of our wooden spoon on their lazy bottoms. It stung like the Dickens and they were close to tears and they were shaking by the time I had finished and their bottoms were on fire!. I sent them home with a cook book and we will have dinner at their place soon to see if they listened. We shall see ;)

sheila and amber get soundly spanked for fighting over who does the dishes


Sheila and Amber confessed to Me that a few days before they had a fight over who does the dishes. Very childish offcourse so a childish punishment was in order. I told them both to bare their bottoms and sit on the punishment stools before Me while I scolded them. Then I took them across My knee and gave them both a sound spanking. You will see by their reactions that they did not enjoy these spankings one little bit! Then they had to sit on the stools again while I gave them a weekly schedule of who does the dishes on which days.




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