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sidney's first spanking

sidney gets a sound paddling for not studying enough

The adorable 19 year old Sydney contacted us and she needs help with her studies. She is lazy and does what most girls of her age do, and that is go out and party and her grades are slipping. We are going to help her with that and that means she has to follow a strict schedule we laid out for her and if she doesn't follow it, her bottom will pay the price. But as is tradition here on RLS I put her over my knee first and gave her a sound first spanking followed by her first time in the corner.

Our new little madam is not off to a good start. In the schedule I gave her she has to study 2 hours a day at least but when I checked, she had only studied 15 min on two days. Time for the leather paddle. Bedning over, hands on the seat I gave her a sound leather paddling followed by a full hour on her knees in the corner.




sidney gets a sound spanking for posting
a cheeky message after her last paddling

the assignment

After the paddling I caught the little madam posting a few messages online with her mobile and they were darn cheeky! I threw her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking and told her to delete the messages immediately!

Sidney was supposed to hand in an assignment but she decided to go out with friends with the result that she didn't hand it in on time I ordered her to come over and bring her books with her She was told to lay over our new coffee table and I gave her a sound strapping After the strapping she had to sit at our table, on her bare sore bottom, and she was not allowed to get up untill her assignment was done!



sidney gets a sound spanking for
not helping us move

the gymshoe

We have found a new office building for all our shoots and Sidney said that she would help us move. The little madam showed up two hours late with the result that she was the
first girl to get a spanking and cornertime in our new office

A few days after her last spanking Sidney confessed she had failed an exam due to not studying the required 2 hours I told her I thought a new stinging implement is required so I told her to go down the hall to Punishment Room One (still under construction), bare her bottom and lay over the massage table and wait for me. She did so and a few minutes later I entered and gave her bare bottom a sound spanking with the gymshoe. After the spanking I told her to get in the corner for a full hour



sidney gets soundly spanked for
texting in school

Angelique and sidney return and they
both get soundly spanked part 1 and 2

Little Sidney had her mobile confiscated at school because she was texting her boyfriend. Of course I found out and she was soon visiting us again and after a scolding, she was over my knee again getting a sound spanking Mobile phones always seem to get these girls into trouble don't they?

it's always nice to hear from girls again after a long absence on the site. This time Angelique called me and Sidney as well so I decided to let them come together. Angelique is still her lazy self when it comes to helping around the house and Sidney's study results leave a lot to be desired. Time for a sound spanking for both to get them back in the fold. Welcome them both back guys.





Angelique and sidney get soundly strapped
for not doing as they were told part 1 and 2


It didn'r surprise me in the least when Angelique and Sidney came back and they didn't do as they were told. If all the girls obeyed me the whole time, there wouldn't be a website :) Angelique did not keep her room clean as promised and Sidney didn't take her studies serious enough. I decided to give them both a few hard long strappings with my new strap and some lengthy cornertime. They left with very very sore bottoms.







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