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sidney's first spanking part 1 and 2

sidney gets soundly spanked for
not cleaning her house part 1 and 2

Our lovely and ever so naughty Scarlett told us she has a naughty friend who needs discipline. Meet the lovely 19 year old Sidney. Sidney is still in her last year at school and as you can guess she had to do a few years over as she is lazy and a bit of a party girl. Well if her parents and her school cannot control her and put her back on the straight and narrow, I will! I gave her her first ever spanking and of course I had to spank Scarlett as well in part two for misbehaving herself while she was in London What a surprise! :)

As you know we sometimes do a spanking roadtrip. We visit or girls at home and if necessary, we spank them there This time we visited 19 year old Sidney and when we got there,
her house was quite a mess.
I sat on her sofa, put the little madam across my knee and spanked her. Then I took her upstairs and put her against a wall in one of the spare bedrooms. She had to remain there for 30 minutes but when I went up to check on her, she was laying on her bed with her laptop. I told her to lay over some pillows on the bed and luckily I had bought my trusty leather paddle with me and she went back to the corner with a well paddled, sore little bum


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sidney's first spanking part 1 and 2

sidney brings sharon part 1 and 2

It's safe to sit with your mobile and being cheeky to someone on Twitter. There is however one minor drawback in that idea.  If the girl is cheeky to me on Twitter, they get spanked! This is what happened to 19 year old Sidney With the hihihi's and the hahaha's and "that spanking doesn't hurt anymore" etc. Well a few days later the little madam was over my knee again.

Sidney asked us if she could bring her friend Sharon and we agreed. They currently live together so obviously they both misbehave. As per tradition a first spanking is in order but I spanked Sidney first as she is just always naughty. Look at her hair!



sidney soundly punished
for ruining her hair part 1 and 2


Little Sidney (Chicca) came over and she had to wear a blonde wig. The reason for that was that the little madam had ruined her hair. Perfect reason for a very sore bottom! In part one I spanked her soundly and gave her some appropriate time on the Punishment Tray facing the mirror to remind her why her bottom was red and sore. In part two I paddled her bare bottom soundly.









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