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simpa's interview

simpa's first spanking

23 year old Simpa is the latest naughty girl to join real life spankings. She is a charming, very sweet and cute young miss but she is in dire need of strict discipline applied to her lovely little bum. Her boyfriend Dave sends her to us if she has been naughty. She likes to shop and she spends way too much everytime. She also flirts and her manners leave something to be desired sometimes. Strict discipline and regular sore bottoms will cure her of that :)

After her short interview it was time to show her what was in store for her if she is naughty in the future so she was taken over the knee and her bottom was spanked! We also let her nose meet the corner for the first time. You will see a lot of her in the future I am sure

simpa gets a sound leather paddling for
spending far too much on underwear


Women and shopping! We all know that they love to shop. Dave called Me and said that young Simpa had taken his credit card and the naughty little minx had spend 175 Euros on underwear! Little excessive don't you think? Well I told Dave to send her straight over and after a good scolding she was
told to lay over the desk, raise her skirt and her bottom got a good spanking with our trusty leather paddle.
Afterwards she was told to remove her underwear, return home and return ALL the underwear to the stores immediately! Did she return all the underwear? What do YOU think?  In this video you get a good idea of how naughty this little girl is and that I
am going to have My hands full with her

2 days after our little minx was paddled for spending too much on underwear I called her back and asked if she had indeed returned all the underwear. She told me that she had returned them all exept 2! Not good enough I told her and took her across My knee and gave her bottom another jolly good spanking! and her nose was in the corner for half an hour. When I say ALL the underwear I mean ALL the underwear missy! The little minx was just trying to see how far she could go with Me... 

simpa gets soundly spanked and 
birched for flirting

simpa gets a sound otk spanking for 
hiding outside

Simpa was caught flirting with a few boys in a club. She was told to get her bottom over here right away dressed in the same outfit she wore in the club. I decided to make her kneel on the desk and I gave the little minx a good warm up spanking first before I let her bare bottom feel the sting of our
birch for the first time.
She was sent home with a very sore and striped bottom.

Simpa was ordered to report to discuss her behaviour and she didn't show up on time. When I went outside I found the little minx hiding around the corner! I grabbed her by the hair, dragged her upstairs, and took her across My knee for a long sound spanking. Halfway through the spanking she wouldn't keep her legs down so I put her over My left knee, pinned her legs, and continued the spanking on her bare bottom. In the corner she went after the spanking sporting a nice glowing
red bottom.

simpa gets soundly spanked with her own
shoe for bad manners

simpa and julie get a sound paddling and corner stool time for unruly behaviour in public

After Simpa was spanked for hiding outside she was put in the corner for 30 minutes. 20 minutes later she asked Me if she could go to the bathroom and I agreed. 15 minutes later she was not back yet so I went downstairs to see what she was doing and the little minx was going through the cupboards and refrigerator eating things! I dragged her by the ear into the downstairs office, bent her over the back of a chair and removed her own shoe and gave her a sound bare bottom spanking! I even spanked the back of her thighs because she wouldn't keep her legs down! I do not tolerate bad manners.

Simpa and Julie have become close friends which is nice offcourse but when you have 2 naughty girls together you can be sure things will get out of hand. Such is the case with these two. They were unruly in public, swearing and generally behaving like a couple of hooligans! After I caught them I took the two home and gave them both a lengthy sound taste of our leather paddle and put them both in seperate corners on the two
new punishment stools I bought.

simpa and julie get sound spankings in the
woods for peeing in the wild. part 1:
julie's spanking

simpa and julie get sound spankings in the
woods for peeing in the wild. part 2:
simpa's spanking

I told you these two together spells trouble! Imagine My suprise when a policeman brought them to My door and I had to pay a fine because the two minxes were caught peeing in the woods! I paid the fine and drove then straight back to the same spot where they were  caught peeing and I gave them both a sound spanking, over My knee, sitting on a log!. In this video Julie gets her bottom soundly spanked.

After Julie got her spanking I took the little minx Simpa across My knee and spanked her soundly over My knee. The hard smacks and her cries echoed around the forest.

simpa and julie get sound spankings, while kitty watches, for playing spanking games
part 1

simpa and julie get sound spankings, while kitty watches, for playing spanking games
part 2: kitty's spanking

I had to pick Kitty up from the station because she needed another sore bottom for bad behaviour and when we got home I found Simpa laying bare bottomed over Julie's lap getting a fun spanking.! Well you can guess what happened next!. I told Kitty to sit on the couch and watch while I took the 2 naughty minxes across My knee and gave them both a good spanking followed by a lengthy time sitting on the hard wood of their punishment stools.

What Kitty soon found out is that after their cornerstool time, they would be watching her getting exactly the same as them. A sore stinging red bottom.! Over the knee she went and her bottom got a good spanking while Simpa and Julie thoroughly enjoyed themselves just as Kitty had when they were getting spanked.

julie, simpa and kitty get a sound strapping
and paddling together

simpa gets a sound hairbrush spanking and
cornertime for not wearing panties again!

After I spanked Simpa and Julie for playing spanking games, and Kitty too, I told them that they were going to be strapped with a new heavy strap I was sent by a member. The reasons for the strappings were that I caught Julie coming out of a
coffee shop, Simpa had gone without panties again and Kitty refused to wear her nicotine patches again.
I lined all 3 bottoms up on the couch and gave them a strapping with the
heavy strap.
The strap left serious marks so I decided to finish their punishments with the medium size wooden paddle. Then I sent them home.

Simpa was going out but her boyfriend told her to drop by and see me quickly. While she was on the way, he phoned me and told me that the little minx had gone out again without panties. When she arrived I told her to lift her short sexy dress and indeed no panties to be seen. Over the knee she went and this time the wooden hairbrush visited her disobedient little bottom! When it was sufficiently red and with tears in her eyes she had to spend 30 minutes staring at the corner of our livingroom before she was allowed to go home.

simpa and julie get a severe paddling and caning for drinking and driving
part 1: the paddling

simpa and julie get a severe paddling and caning for drinking and driving
part 2: cornertime and a hard caning!

Being a disciplinarian it is sometimes necessary to harden your heart and punish someone severely if they did something that was really bad. This was the case with Simpa and Julie. The two naughty minxes confessed to me that they had gone out, gotten drunk and borrowed a friend's car and caused a small accident which left a dent in the car. They needed a lesson they would never forget! I called them over immediately and decided that a sound wooden paddling,
followed by their first caning was what they were going to get.
I paddled them both while they knelt over the coffee table which left them both crying their eyes out.

After the paddling I put their noses in the corner for 30 minutes and then they bent over for a hard caning which left their bottoms welted and very sore and they were crying real crocodile tears and Julie's mascara ran all over her face.

It was hard disciplining them so severely but you must agree they DID deserve everything they got!

simpa gets a sound otk spanking for looking
at naughty websites

julie and simpa get a special paddling for fighting with each other

Simpa's boyfriend caught her with her pants down watching naughty websites as it were. Offcourse she was sent over straight away and I put her across my knee and decided an OTK spanking on the couch is just what she needed. I spanked her faster then I usualy do which suprised her but it had the desired effect

The terrible duo had seriously misbehaved again so they were ordered to come at once but when they arrived I noticed they were mad at each other because they  were fighting over a silly piece of clothing of all things! Well before I punished them for the transgressions they came for, I decided a special paddling was in order. I told them to use the small wooden paddle on each other but if the spank was not hard enough, I would give the spanker a proper smack. None of the spanks they gave was hard enough so they ended up with pretty sore bottoms and simpa was in tears afterwards. But my idea worked and they agreed they could not hurt each other because they are like sisters and they love each other so they hugged and all was

julie gets a sound strapping for getting another piercing without permission

simpa gets a sound over the left knee fatherly strapping for taking a sample lipstick from a store

In the last video with the terrible two's you saw them both paddled for fighting with each other. Now it was time to get to the real reasons they were ordered to report to us. One of our loyal members Papa G noticed in one of the recent videos that
Julie had another piercing compared to an earlier video so I confronted her with it.
She couldn't deny it so she was put over our desk and she felt our strap across her tight pants while Simpa was sent to the corner, hands on her head, bottom bare. The naughty minx would not keep still so I fetched a chair, told her to bare her bottom, get across my left knee, and I gave her a good OTK strapping with good fast smacks which had the desired effect. Simpa gets her strapping next

When little Simpa was in a store she saw one of those sample lipsticks and put it in her purse. She didn't take a new lipstick which saved her bottom from the paddle or cane but she got a good, over my left knee, bare bottom strapping. 

I decided to give her a strapping as a father might give her. Straight over the knee, no nonsense fast hard smacks. As you can see by her genuine tears, this had the desired effect.

simpa gets a sound spanking and cornertime
for spending too much on underwear again!

simpa gets a sound leather paddling and 1 hour cornertime for flirting

She was missed by a lot of you but little Simpa is back again! She got a bit out of hand according to Dave so we will have regular contact again and spank her firm little bottom when she needs it. This time she was put over my knee and I gave her a good spanking for spending too much on underwear again! It has been way too long since she was last spanked so she was very close to tears during the spanking. Offcourse I put her in the corner for a while after the spanking her
cute little red bottom on display.

Simpa was caught by Dave flirting again at a local club so he sent her to me again to be punished. As she hasn't been properly spanked in a while, I decided a good leather
paddling would suffice.
I told her to lay over the arm of our sofa and I tanned her tight little bottom soundly. Afterwards she had to spend one hour in the corner, on her knees, hands on her head.

simpa gets a sound spanking and half an hour on our new punishment stool for losing her mobile phone

simpa gets a sound wooden paddling for biting her nails

Simpa is going through one of her naughty phases because now the little minx lost her 100 Euro mobile phone which Dave bought for her. Time for a special punishment. I took her across my knee and gave her a good long spanking and then I had her sit on our new punishment stool I made for the girls. (I made 2 actually just in case) She had to sit on it for half an hour and believe me she was in tears by the time she had to get up.

Simpa has a nervous habit mainly she bites her nails. To cure her of that disgusting habit, I decided to give her 18 strokes with our light wooden paddle the board of education. Before I paddled her, she had to spend 30 minutes in the corner
holding the paddle against her bottom and think how it would feel.
She was wearing nice tight shorts so I have her 6 on those shorts. 6 on her panties and 6 on her bare bottom. I must add that European girls are not used to those hard wooden
American paddles so I didn't paddle her very hard but still tears were flowing down her cheeks when I was finished.
Afterwards she had her nose in the corner again.


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