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 sofia's interview

 sofia's first otk spanking

The latest couple who called us is Steve and Sofia. Steve owns his own business and Sofia works for him as his secretary. She answers the phone, serves the clients, does the books etc. Steve told us that the little madam often neglects her duties. She spends hours on the phone, does her nails behind her desk, shows up late for work and dresses way
too sexy!.
We decided that, if she doesn't do as Steve tells her to, We will pay her an immediate visit and her cute little bottom will be spanked!.

As they say there is no better time then the present so straight after the interview Sofia's adorable little bottom felt it's first spanking. First over her tight jeans and then on her bare bottom. 

 sofia gets a sound spanking for dressing way too sexy and not wearing panties to work

sofia is pulled out of bed and gets a sound spanking for being late for work

You wouldn't believe it!. The very NEXT DAY after I gave Sofia her first spanking the little minx showed up at work dressed in an incredible feeble short skirt and NO PANTIES!. Steve called me, I went by their office and picked up their key and waited for Sofia when she came home. She was quite suprised to see me (or was she?) I took her straight across my knee and gave her, allready bare bottom, a good spanking and sent her straight upstairs to get changed.

Steve called us very early and told us that Sofia hadn't shown up for work! We jumped in the car, dashed over to Steve to pick up the key and when we got to her place, we found her still in bed! She was immediately pulled out of bed and straight over the knee and her bottom got a sound hand spanking and she was sent straight into the shower to get ready for work.

 sofia gets 2 sound spankings for not serving the clients properly and taking too long in the bathroom

Sofia gets a sound nude leather paddling for going to work without panties!

Steve called us again and told us that Sofia does not serve the clients properly. On the way to her we called Sofia and ordered her to stand against the wall, skirt up and
panties down, hands on her head and wait till we got there.
When we arrived, she stood in position which was a good sign of obedience. We gave her some instructions on how to serve clients and she forgot the sugar so she was taken over the knee and got a good little hand spanking. Amazing how a stinging bottom foccuses a girl's mind. She was then taken across the knee again and got a good hairbrush spanking 
for spending too much time in the bathroom at work.
She was also told to lay the hairbrush on her desk in front of her every day to remind her bottom what will happen if she doesn't do as she is told.

After a call from Steve, we picked Sofia up form work because the little minx showed up at work without panties! As soon as we were in the door she was ordered to take off all her clothes and 
bend over for a good spanking with the leather paddle.
Before she took of her clothes she had the audacity to try and make some arrangement to get out of her punishment. She offered me a bj!. That obviously didn't work because I am a happily married man and her bottom not only got a sound paddling but also one stroke of the cane to remind her what will happen to her bottom should she EVER make such a proposal again
or show up at work again with no panties!

 sofia gets another good otk spanking for
being late for work again

sofia gets the wooden ruler for dressing innapropriately again

After another phonecall from Steve, we went to see Sophia at their new home and she got another good OTK spanking for being late for work again. This happened twice during the last week so a good spanking was well deserved. Over the knee she went and her bottom was spanked a nice shade of 
stinging red.

Sofia dressed properly for a while but then I got a call from Steve again and he told me the little minx showed up for work dressed in another flimsy outfit. We went straight over to their house and Steve sent Sofia home. I inspected her outfit and she was bent over the end of the sofa and she got a good spanking with our very stingy little wooden ruler. (it may look small but
it stings!).
Afterwards she spent a full hour in the corner thinking about her disobedience.

 sofia gets a good spanking with a wooden
spoon for leaving her desk a mess

sofia is caught playing with herself and gets
another sound spanking

Our naughty little minx had ordered chinese a few days ago and instead of eating it in the cantine, she ate it at her desk and left the cartons all over her desk when a client walked in. As this is a food offense, we gave her a sound bare bottom spanking in her own kitchen with her wooden spoon.

After we left, we forgot something so I went back into her house and she was nowhere to be found. When I checked her bedroom she was laying on the bed playing with herself. Apparently the wooden spoon really turned her on. Well she didn't enjoy what was coming next. She was dragged over the knee and her bare bottom got another sound hand spanking and she was told
to go to bed and not come out untill Steve got back from work.

 sofia gets a good otk paddling and cornertime for taking money out the
petty cash

sofia gets a hard unexpected nude spanking in the shower for being late for work again

Steve informed us that a few days ago our little minx had taken money out of the petty cash at work and she told us that she bought some clothes with it. She must learn that the petty cash is for office suplies only so to drive that lesson home, she was taken over the knee and her bottom got a good spanking with our trusty old leather paddle. Afterwards she spent a good hour in the corner.

A quick unexpected spanking does wonders for a naughty girl and we decided to drop by unanounced by Sofia at nine o clock in the morning to see if she was off to work. We caught the little minx in the shower and before she knew what hit her, she was 
bent over in the shower and her bare bottom got a good spanking!
She was told to shower and be at work in 10 minutes or her bottom would be spanked again!. Did she make it? You will soon find out *wink*

 sofia gets soundly spanked for not going home straight away

sofia gets soundly spanked for buying 
shoes without permission

Sofia was not doing her work properly so Steve told her to go home straight away!. He called Me and I went to their place to wait for her without her knowing. Offcourse the little minx showed up 10 minutes late so she got quite a surprise when she walked to the door. Nothing was said. She was just grabbed and pulled straight over the knee for a sound spanking. Afterwards she had to get her red bottom into the corner for 10 minutes.

Sofia saw a nice new pair of shoes and decided to buy them in the hope that Steve wouldn't notice. Silly girl! Offcourse he noticed and he told her to phone me and explain herself. After the phonecall I went straight over, scolded her, and bent her over the back of a chair to give her a good spanking with our trusted leather paddle while she was forced to look at the 150 euro shoes she bought. After the paddling she was told to return the shoes immediately which she did. She returned 15 minutes later with the receipt.

 sofia gets her temperature taken rectally
and gets a sound spanking for faking an illness

sofia gets a wet panties spanking for not having any dry clothes

Steve told Me that Sofia was home sick in bed with a fever. Knowing her very well I had to make sure she wasn't faking it. When I got there I put her across My knee and inserted a thermometer rectally to see if she had a temperature. I wasn't really suprised when she didn't and I gave her allready bare bottom across My knee a sound hand spanking and send her to the shower to get ready for work.

After I gave Sofia the last spanking for faking an ilness, the little madam came downstairs dressed in her bathrobe telling me she has no dry clothes to wear. She forgot to put the wash in the drier and she didn't close the shower curtain so the clothes she had ready were also wet. I thought this is a perfect oppertunity to give her saucy bottom a sound wet panties spanking. I took her to the kitchen where she wet her panties and put them on. I took her across my knee and spanked those panties untill they were dry! I also spanked her bare bottom untill it was dry too and sent her upstairs with a nice red stinging little bottom.

 sofia gets a double punishment for slacking
off at work. part 1: the stinger

 sofia gets a double punishment for slacking
off at work. part 2: the wooden paddle

Steve called me again and informed me that Sofia was really slacking off at work.She did not send out any invoices with the result that the money was not coming in. Then the little madam forgot to send the VAT to the IRS with the result
that they got a fine.
I dediced this slacking off deserves a two part punishment. For the invoices I made her bend over and I gave her allready bare bottom ,because the little minx was not wearing panties again, a good stinging spanking with our dreaded stinger which had her in tears.

After the stinger she spent 30 minutes in the corner and then I made her grab her ankles and her allready sore bare bottom felt our big wooden paddle explode across it. 10 hard whacks for forgetting to give their VAT to the IRS and they got a fine. Let's hope THAT will teach her to do better at work!

 sofia is back and she gets her first spanking
in a long time

sofia gets a sound leather paddling for buying too many shoes

It has been a long time but Sofia is back! with a new look as you can see She had some real life problems to sort out but she now is single again and having her own appartment. She misses the discipline in her life again so she phoned us and offcourse we agreed to take her in hand again. I went over to give her her first spanking and surprise surprise when I took
her pants down, she was not wearing any panties! Still as naughty as ever.
I gave her a good spanking which she really felt and put her in the corner for a while. Afterwards she said she loved it though and it felt great to be corrected again as she put it. You will be seeing a lot of her in the near future I am sure

When I visited Sofia I went into her bedroom and noticed a rack full of expensive designer shoes. I asked the little minx about it and it seems she buys a pair of shoes every week! She agreed that she deserved another good spanking for that so I laid her
over the arm of her sofa and paddled her delightfull bottom untill it was red and sore with my leather paddle.
Then on her knees in the corner, hands on her head for half an hour. 

p.s. The naughty little madam thought that putting on a very sexy and reveiling dress it would soften my heart and go easy on her bottom. Well it didn't!

 sofia is caught playing with herself and gets a sound spanking!

sofia gets a sound spanking for 
keeping me waiting

When I called Sofia and told her I would be coming over to see if she has been behaving herself, the little madam got so turned on she jumped on her bed and started to pleasure herself fantasising about what I might give her tight little bottom. When I arrived the front door was unlocked and when I entered her house I heard the sounds of pleasure coming from her bedroom. I sneaked in and caught her red handed! I put her bottom over some pillows and gave her a quick and sound spanking. Some of you were wondering if some of our girls get turned on by the spankings well the answer is yes as you can see :)

When I told Sofia I would be paying her a visit, she told me to let myself in and that she would be there shortly. I waited for half an hour and when she finally arrived, she was quite shocked when I took her straight into her bedroom, pulled her across my knee and gave her bottom a sound spanking! Then I ordered her to go to the kitchen and make me some coffee with her bottom bare


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