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we are all close friends and we take trips together. these videos were taken during a weekend when six of us booked a chalet. we will book a chalet again this summer and all of us will go


laura's first spanking
of the weekend

hester's first spanking
of the weekend

When we arrived Laura got her first spanking because
she was asking for it

Bob gave hester her spanking soon after to keep them
on their toes and well behaved

weekend_laura.jpg (49771 bytes)

weekend_hester.JPG (83959 bytes)

spanking twister
game 1

spanking twister
game 2

We played a few Twister games (with a twist) and
Hester lost game 1 and got spanked otk

The second Twister game was lost by Laura and she also
got a hand spanking

twister1.jpg (92851 bytes)

twister3.jpg (80343 bytes)

spanking twister
game 3

spanking twister
game 4

Kelly lost game 3 and she got a paddling over Mike's

Hester cheated during the fourth game so she got
strapped by Bob

twister5.JPG (82579 bytes)

twister7.JPG (79074 bytes)

hester gets a spanking
in the shower

kelly, hester and laura
birched together

Hester was told NOT to sing in the shower but she
still did so Bob marched in and spanked her soundly

We had some fun with the girls and in this video we birched
them together on the bed

weekend_shower.JPG (67494 bytes)

weekend_birch2.jpg (79576 bytes)

kelly, hester and laura
paddled together

kelly, hester and laura
caned together

In this video the three girls are paddled by Mike and

And in this video all three feel the sting of the cane on their
bare bottoms

weekend_paddle3.jpg (81734 bytes)

weekend_cane1.jpg (94195 bytes)

hester gets spanked
in the sauna


We had a sauna in our chalet and Bob couldn't resist
giving Hester a good spanking right there in the sauna


weekend_sauna3.jpg (83059 bytes)



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