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stacey is introduced and gets her first

stacey gets a sound leather paddling for
wearing a provocative outfit again!

Meet the very naughty, petite and gorgeous 22 year old Stacey! Stacey is single and she loves being naughty and wear provocative clothing and shock people. She loves to tease She has been fantasizing about being spanked for a long time and she finally had the courage to contact us She is now under our wing and I am sure i am going to have My hands full with this little madam. She has one of the smallest and cutest bottom I have ever spanked so I did take it easy a bit during her first spanking but she sure felt it as she has never
been spanked before.
It was just what she needed she told Me

It seems Stacey's first spanking didn't do the job or she wanted more. I expect it is the latter When I showed up for the second time she was dressed in a very provocative skimpy little outfit which screamed: spank me! I of course obliged and she was soon bending over her own coffee table getting her petite bottom soundly paddled with my trusty old leather paddle. Then I put her in the corner for the first time, hands on her head, bare red sore bottom on display.

stacey gets a sound spanking for not
cleaning her kitchen

stacey gets a sound paddling and birching for
wearing a provocative dress again

As you know with new girls we keep a close eye on them and visit them regularly to make sure they behave. When we visited Stacey again she wore a proper little dress which was quite cute. She had learned her lesson. But then I glanced over at her kitchen and saw it was a total mess. Silly
girl should have cleaned it before we came because she found herself across My knee again getting her delightfull little bottom soundly spanked.
After the spanking I told her to take off her dress, panties down to mid thigh and clean her kitchen.

When we visited Stacey the other day she came down the stairs dressed in a way too provocative little dress and upon asking her it became clear that she put it on on purpose so she would get spanked again :) Naughty thing! Well a sore bottom is what she got. I laid her over the arm of the cane chair in her living room and gave her a sound paddling with my ping pong paddle and also 18 strokes with My trusty old worn out birch. Then she was on her knees in the corner for half an hour

stacey gets a sound spanking for being
late for a spanked in uniform shoot

we visit stacey and she gets a good spanking
for a messy flat

A few days ago we had another SIU shoot with Stacey and Leandra and Stacey showed up one and a half hours late! I decided to postpone the spanking to the next day so we could film it and use it on RLS. * waits for the applause to die down* To my surprise the gorgeous Leandra told me she wants to come as well because she needs discipline in her life just like Stacey In this video I give Stacey her well deserved spanking and Leandra's first spanking will be shown next..

We heard that little Stacey had moved into a smaller flat so we decided to pay her a visit. When we got there we saw that the place was a mess. Not very clever when your disciplinarian comes for a visit. Or is it? I put the little cutie over my knee and gave her a good spanking. Then with her jeans and panties round her knees, I made her clean the flat.

Taking stacey to dinner part one

Taking stacey to dinner part two

Kelly and I decided to take our little Stacey to dinner as they have excellent fish restaurants where she lives but when I went upstairs to pick her up, the little madam wasn't ready!. I ripped off her towel, told her to bend over her bed, and gave her a sound leather paddling in the nude. (yes I always carry it with me just in case) Then I told her she has 5 minutes to get ready or I start again!

When the little madam came out of the bathroom she was wearing some see through dress with no panties underneath! Obviously in the mood for more spanking which explained the faint moans of pleasure I heard coming from the bathroom a few minutes before. I threw the little madam over my left knee again and spanked her. Then I noticed one of her beach slippers and I laid her on her bed, bottom up over some pillows and gave her a good spanking with it.

Stacey gets another good spanking for
a dirty flat

the voyeurs

We decided to nip down to Stacey again and it didn't come as a surprise that her appartment was a mess again Time for another sore bottom!I sat on the bed, laid the little minx over my knee, and gave her a jolly good spanking. Then it was nose in the corner again, her hot well spanked bottom bare

This is the tale of the terrible trio (say that quickly after 5 beers :) I told our little tomboy Patricia to come over so I can see if she has done as she was told. To dress like a lady and behave like one She showed up wearing jeans and still behaving like a tomboy so I put her across my knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then I noticed movement outside the window and I saw Stacey and Sammie staring through the window watching Patricia's spanking. I ordered them inside and I gave both little voyeurs a long sound spanking. Then I finished Patricia's spanking and put the terrible trio in the corner



the punishment afternoon
four parts uploaded

the punishment day part 1 to 6 uploaded

Sammie and Stacey are in serious trouble members. They asked me if they could go to a Rave party in Rotterdam but I said no as those parties are full of wild things. They disobeyed me and went anyway which warrants a sound punishment. I also gave them the order to sit at their desks at home on their bare bottoms and write out 100 times: I must obey my disciplinarian. They didn't do them I remembered the session I gave to Haley and Susan many years ago so I
decided something similar was well deserved.
I first made them change into 2 very humiliating little girl punishment
outfits and then they both got:

* A sound OTK first spanking

* Plenty of cornertime

* Writing lines and a paddling

* Sound strapping over the trestle

* The punishment stool

* Sound birching laying on the coffee table while writing lines

* The heavy leather paddle

* A sound OTK hairbrush spanking to finish the afternoon

Monique and Stacey went out together and while they were in traffic Monique, who was driving, got a text message. Now in Holland it is illegal and very dangerous to text while driving but
the little madam decided to text back anyway with the result that they hit the car in front of them.
Nothing serious though just a few ruined fenders but still reason enough
for them both to be soundly punished. Including Stacey because she could have stopped her from texting
I decided on a punishment day. They were told to arrive at 7 AM the next day and they arrived 5 min late with the result I gave them both a sound over one knee spanking. They had to clean the entire office, scrub floors with their bottoms bare, write punishment lines while getting strapped. They got a mid morning
paddling, a sound afternoon spanking and to end the day they felt the cane across their bare bottoms.





bianca and stacey return
Part 1 to 6


As you guys have seen over the years sometimes girls leave the site for a while or permanently due to their personal lives. Moving away, illness, family issues, getting pregnant etc. etc. They usually let us know and we wish them the very best Sometimes a girl just dissapears. Email adress deleted, mobile
phone disconnected etc. We then have no idea what happened
This is what Bianca and Stacey did a few years ago and all of a sudden they are back. We are very glad they are back and nothing serious happened to them but we didn't know that did we? I decided they needed more then just a welcome back spanking so I punished them both soundly. They were both spanked soundly over my knee, they got the ping pong paddle, the leather paddle, a sound thrashing with both birches and sound strappings with both the light and heavy strap






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