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stacy's interview and first spanking

stacy gets her first leather paddling and cornertime for being bitchy again

22 yr old Stacy is a photomodel and upcoming actress here in Holland and she can be seen on a few TV shows and magazines etc. She told us that she can be quite bitchy and rude to the people she works with and she cannot find a boyfriend who is man enough to spank her bottom when she needs it so she contacted us. She has no experience with spanking apart from the occasional spanking she got from her parents when she was little. BUT, I think you will be seeing a lot of her because she is very naughty and she will needs lots of sore bottoms to cure her of her bitchy attitude. After the interview she went across my knee and I gave her a firm spanking to remind her what would happen if she didn't listen. 

A week after her first spanking Stacy was told to come to us to discuss her behaviour during the past week and she admitted to us that she was bitchy again to the people she works with. Well as it is a bit of a tradition here, I told her to bend over the coffee table and I let her bottom feel our trusty leather paddle for the first time. Stacy wouldn't keep her bottom still so I put her across my knee and continued the paddling. Afterwards she was put in the corner to think about her bitchiness to others.

stacy and sharon both get a sound otk spanking and cornertime for drving without seatbelts

stacy gets a painfull spanking for being bitchy on the phone which had her in tears

Stacy and Sharon were in the neighbourhood so they decided to drop by for a friendly visit which is allways nice. What they didn't realise is that when I saw them drive up, I noticed they
were not wearing their seatbelts so instead of having a nice cup of coffee and a cozy chat with us, they ended up over my knee getting their bottoms soundly spanked.
Afterwards they were standing, hands on their heads, bottoms red and sore,
admiring the two corners of our living room again.

A while back Stacy dropped by and when I was getting us something to drink I overheard her speaking to her manager on her mobile and she was quite bitchy again. No coffee for her but I pulled her straight across My knee for a quick spanking She was quite suprised and she was in tears afterwards as you can see. The unplanned surprise spankings sometimes have more effect then the planned sessions.



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