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 sylvie's first 
spanking and interview

 sylvie gets paddled for
for being difficult part 1

We are delighted to introduce a new couple to real life 
spankings. Stefan and Sylvie. Stefan is 38 and Sylvie is 24 and very cheeky and mischievous. After the interview Sylvie is taken over Stefan's knee and her bottom is spanked

During dinner at Melvin's, Sylvie was very Difficult to Stefan
He dragged her upstairs and paddled her bottom good!
And she was put in the corner to reflect on her

 sylvie gets paddled for
for being difficult part 2

sylvie gets spanked 
outside part 1

Stefan strapped her bottom till it was a bright red and then
dragged her ito the corner where she stayed untill dinner
was finished

After an afternoon of shopping Sylvie put up quite a fuss about
going home so Stefan dragged her to a parking garage and
spanked her bare bottom soundly

sylvie gets spanked 
outside part 2


Stefan decided that a hand spanking was not enough so he
fetched the birch and spanked her soundly with it and took
her home




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